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Broadly Q&A: Clear Lake Dental

Broadly Q&A features our small business partners. This week, we are featuring our conversation with Brandi Kellogg of Clear Lake Dental Care:

What makes your practice the best choice for patients in your area?

Clear Lake Dental Care offers a very wide variety of procedures. When a patient needs a routine dental cleaning or full mouth rehab with dental implants (or similarly complicated cases), we can meet their needs. It’s very rare that we have to refer a patient out for a procedure. Patients really appreciate this.

How have you gotten the word out to attract new patients?

We’ve always done direct mail and have a good ROI on that. We also have a local billboard, which is usually a branding tactic – but we get a lot of patients from the billboard. We also buy pay-per-click campaigns. Historically, we’ve done newspaper, radio, TV. Sometimes, things work really really well for a while. However, you just kind of have to change with the times. We really try to narrow down our marketing efforts to what is online.

How did you learn about Broadly?

Our treatment coordinator went to a meeting in Florida, where she met Tiffany from Broadly. I was really intrigued by how patients were able to respond directly to me if they had any concerns, and we could handle any issues. I really like the widget on our website that feeds in the live reviews, and how that helps boost our website’s SEO.

What has your practice learned from patient feedback?

Patients can have a lot of anxiety when making that first phone call to schedule an appointment – that’s a big deal. We are constantly reminded of how nerve-wracking that patient fear can be. Patient feedback helps us stay in touch with that – from that very first phone call to when they walk in the door. Patients say how terrified they were, and how we have helped to ease their fear. We just made the process so much easier for them.

We also hear that patients feel like they are important to us, that we care about their experience, and about them as people. It’s something that we’ve had to focus on as we’ve grown, as we are a very busy practice. We want to build that long-term relationship.

How do you know that Broadly is working?

To me, it’s invaluable because we hear it phone call after phone call. We ask our patients how they heard about us, and online is a pretty constant answer. They say “We read your reviews” – we hear that every day. Patients are driving 45 minutes or an hour out of their way to get to our practice. At that point, it’s our job to keep them here and give them a great experience.

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How to Collect Customer Email Addresses

In the digital age, it’s easy to send email to reach your customers. Unfortunately, not all customers are willing to share their information. Some fear they will receive too much junk mail, whereas others may worry that their information could be sold.
There are many benefits to obtaining customer email addresses, but be sure that you have a good reason for asking. We recommend the following steps to request customer email addresses:

1. Ask your customers for email addresses.

Yes, the first step is to remember to ask if you can reach your customers via email. Some will prefer to communicate by email, instead of picking up the phone. Ask for email addresses as part of your interactions with all customers. Owners and managers must commit to collecting email addresses in order for employees to buy in. Consider incentivizing employees to collect email addresses.

2. Use email as part of your estimate, billing, and feedback processes.

You can generate electronic estimates and send them by email with ease especially if you’re already using software like Coolfront. Often customers will read and respond to emails faster. Email also enables both parties to keep searchable records of estimates and receipts. Finally, if you’re using a feedback service like Broadly, you can remind customers that receive an email to give their feedback on your services.

3. Collect email addresses on your website or point-of-sale system.

Ask for an email address as part of the contact form or newsletter sign-up on your website. Or, consider asking for email addresses at the point of sale. A Google spreadsheet is a great solution – it’s free and impossible to misplace.

4. Assure your customer that their contact information is in safe hands.

Make sure that your customers are aware of your company’s privacy policy. Make sure to assure them that their email addresses are only for communicating with your company. Follow through on this promise.
These are just some of the ways you can build trust with customers. In a future post, we’ll outline the many ways you can use email to maintain relationships with your customers over time.
This week’s post was co-authored by Anastasia Harold of Coolfront.
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5 Easy Ways to Market Your Customer Reviews

Customers often provide the most valuable referrals. Moreover, customers can often be your best (and least expensive) marketers. Nowadays, the majority of buyers relying on reviews to choose a local business. That being said, it’s critical that your customers are sharing their experiences on Google, Yelp, and other important sites.
Make sure to maximize the benefit of your customer feedback to educate prospective buyersThese are five of our favorite ways:

1. Display and link to reviews on your business’s website.

Create a reviews page highlighting recent customer experiences. For example, you can link to your profiles on Yelp, Google, and other sites, and/or highlight some of your best customer testimonials on your blog.

2. Share great customer feedback in email marketing programs and on social media.

Embrace the power of your existing email marketing campaigns. Share a review and link it to the rest on your Facebook business page. Do the same for Google and Twitter. You’ll find that sharing your best customer reviews is an easy and fast way to looking great on social media.

3. Print reviews on customer marketing material.

Showcase customer referrals to supplement information about your products and services. For example, posting reviews on direct mail or prints brochures or other marketing material is a great way to conserve your resources while making an impact. Prompt readers to check your business out online to learn more.

4. Include a great customer review – or link to your business’s profile pages – below your email signature.

Take some text from a short review and a link to your profile pages on Google, Yelp, or other sites will enable others to easily find your reviews

5. Highlight reviews on service estimates.

If you provide estimates to prospective buyers you can share a happy customer review and direct them to learn more online.
Whichever method you choose, it’s important that you truthfully represent the content of reviews. Don’t alter the text of your reviews or change star ratings. Be sure to include the right source and link directly to online profiles. Be sure that any use of another site’s name and logo complies with their terms of service.
Of course, these tips are most effective if your business has a healthy number of reviews. Need more verified reviews? Broadly can help. Learn more.