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Local Business Customer Service Management

Customer Service Management For Local & Small Business Owners

Customer support is all about communication and customer satisfaction. To deliver the best possible customer service experience, you have to be responsive, helpful, and knowledgeable. The demands on customer service representatives are varied. ...
How To Grow Your Business With Direct Text Messaging

How To Grow Your Business With Text Messaging

More than 5 billion people regularly use text messages to communicate throughout the world. Of those, more than 277 million are Americans over the age of 12.  It’s hard to imagine that 30 ...
How to Market an Auto Repair Business

Guide To Auto Repair Marketing

Building a profitable local auto repair business means working to ensure there’s a steady stream of new customers coming in so there’s plenty of work to do. Repeat customers are always a possibility ...
Customer Service Chat For Business

Why Customer Service Chat Matters In Business

In this era of instant gratification, people want information quickly and easily. Webchat delivers answers when and where customers need them – instantly and directly to their devices. Good customer service aims to ...
Stats for local businesses

Local Business Statistics

A local business is any business that serves a local market and is not part of a national chain, and they are essential. In fact, local businesses are often the backbone of the ...
Small business statistics

Small Business Statistics

When it comes to the work environment of most Americans, it is the small business sector that the majority are employed. A small business is defined as any business that employs less than ...
The Go To Jail Space on the Monopoly game board

How to Market a Bail Bond Business

Bail bonds are a lucrative and highly competitive on-demand business. Since state law determines procedures and pricing, beating the competition depends on three things: communication, marketing, and reputation.  When someone is arrested, family ...
Home cleaning service business operator mopping a house

How to Start a House Cleaning Business

The home cleaning industry is subject to change based on household disposable income, but thanks to a large portion of the baby-boomer generation moving into retirement, total industry revenue in 2019 – for ...
Air Conditioners Outside an Apartment Building

How to Start an HVAC Business

Over the last five years, heating and air conditioning contractors in the United States has grown by 3.1% to reach $94 billion in 2018. During the same timeframe, the number of HVAC businesses ...