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Aggieland Carpet Cleaning

Aggieland Carpet Cleaning is a professional carpet cleaning company that is dedicated to getting residential and commercial floors as clean as the day they were purchased. Aggieland Carpet Cleaning specializes in delivering the deep-down clean needed to ensure each home or business looks good, smells good, and is free of built-up germs, dirt, and grime. They also offer tile cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and additional services.

  • Shape College Station, TX
  • Joined in 2017

Favorite Feature

Filtering Negative Feedback

What business owner wouldn’t want a chance to read negative reviews before they get published online? Aggieland Carpet Cleaning’s owner, Brent Sowell, has found Broadly’s Negative Feedback Filter to be incredibly beneficial to his business. Now the negative reviews the company receives are just as beneficial as the positive ones. The private feedback is sent to Brent and he addresses the issue directly. He talks to his staff then goes above and beyond to repair the client relationship by fixing the existing job or offering a discounted follow-up service.


The Results

More Business & Quality Employees

Aggieland has seen a huge uptick in revenue since starting with Broadly, after 3.5 years in business. They keep track of where customers are coming from and now have added a “referrals/Broadly” category. They track 10-15 new customers a week that are a result of their reviews out of a total of 30-40 per week. Brent says that he’s added another source of income to his business as a result of working with Broadly. They’ve also been able to hire a higher-caliber worker they couldn’t afford prior – an employee with 15 years experience who contributes additional skills such as carpet stretching, repair, and new types of pet treatments.


From The Owner

We get up to half of our new weekly business from reviews. I’ve added another source of income to my business because of Broadly. We did a good job but Broadly puts reviews out there to bring new customers in.


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