Grand Lake All About Pets

Veterinarians Dr. Lauren Knobel and Dr. Eleanor Dunn opened Grand Lake All About Pets next door to their hospital. Grand Lake All About Pets provides clients better access to specialty products and prescription foods for beloved pets.

  • Shape Oakland, CA
  • Joined in 2017

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SEO Boost

Before partnering with Broadly, Grand Lakes All About Pets wasn’t on the front page of any online directories. Now, their business comes up second on Google in the maps listing! The reviews they’ve received and the organic SEO they’ve generated from Broadly’s product have made a huge difference in the shop’s visibility and have powerfully impacted their business.


The Results

New Specialties

Since working with Broadly, sales has almost doubled for the shop! With a healthy mix of repeat and one-time customers, Grand Lake All About Pets has found that comments about their customer service online have brought people into their store. As a result of their additional business, they’ve been able to expand their service offerings: including holistic health services such as acupuncture, massage, and pet engraving.


From The Owner

“Our sales have almost doubled since working with Broadly. We have gotten so many new repeat customers its been amazing!”


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