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Jongle Beach

Jongle Beach started their business because of their love for the hospitality industry. They are passionate about creating dream getaways for vacationers and strive to provide the best customer service along the way.

  • Shape Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  • Joined in 2017

Favorite Feature

Customer Feedback

Rachel loves how easy Broadly has made it for Jongle Beach to capture feedback from their customers. She and her team are able to follow up on any customer issue in a timely manner to make sure each one feels heard, which is very important to them.


The Results

New Employees, Territories and Location

Jongle Beach has seen exciting growth in their business over the past year. They have hired on 3 new employees and opened up a new location. They also notice that many customers are traveling from further distances to visit, a tribute to their great online reputation.


From The Owner

Broadly is the best thing that ever happened to our business. We’ve captured more reviews in the past 3 months than we did in 4 years. This increase has helped us secure many big contracts, and a new location, simply because of our online reputation. Thank you, Broadly!


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