Junk Pros

Junk Pros is a certified green junk hauler in the Bay Area, California. They get rid
of unwanted items quickly, efficiently, and in an environmentally-friendly manner
to bring customers a high-quality, affordable service.

  • Shape San Ramon, CA
  • Joined in 2016

Favorite Feature

Customer Service

Julio loves the simplicity of Broadly’s product. He loves the fact that the email Broadly sends out to his customers to ask for a review is personalized, so it looks like it’s coming from Junk Pros. When they receive the email, the customer can give Junk Pros a 5-star rating and it takes two seconds for them – nice, simple, and to the point.


The Results

Revenue & Staff

Due to their success with Broadly, Junk Pros has enjoyed a multitude of benefits. Since using Broadly, they’ve gained enough revenue to invest in four new trucks and twelve new employees. Junk Pros is now looking to expand outside of their current area in San Ramon to Sacramento.


From The Owner

Before I was hearing all these great things about our company but the feedback wasn’t going online. Broadly makes that great feedback visible online.


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