Pool Whip Pros

Pool Whip Pros offers a complete range of pool services throughout Contra Costa County, California. They began with one main goal in mind: to provide a great experience that is built around excellence. Pool Whip Pros is motivated by their values, striving to deliver the best customer service possible. Their unique branding and quirky business name has really set them apart from their competition in their local area.

  • Shape Concord, CA
  • Joined in 2017

Favorite Feature

The Broadly App

Pool Whip Pros loves the Broadly App. Wesley, owner of Pool Whip Pros, uses the On-the-Go Broadly App right after he’s finished with each job. As soon as Wesley is done cleaning a pool, he can immediately send his customer a review request. For a business like Pool Whip Pros that doesn’t have regular access to a computer, using the app is incredibly convenient and effective for getting reviews from his customers.



Customers, New Territories, Equipment

Pool Whip Pros has experienced wonderful success after joining Broadly’s team in just four short months! His new business has increased annual revenue by almost $20k. Wesley is currently a one-man-show, so to keep up with the business demand he’s hiring his first full-time employee later this month. Wesley was also was able to purchase a new shed, and will be purchasing a new utility truck. What’s more, he’s already expanded into two new geographical territories! Wesley says, “This is humble beginnings for me. It’s just me but when I step foot on peoples property, they’re like “you’re THE Wesley,” I am grinning ear to ear and it just makes me happy to hear the happy feedback.”


From The Owner

I’ve been getting great feedback that people are finding us from our reviews. I ask my customers, ‘how did you hear about Pool Whip?‘ The response is always ‘reviews.’ I’ve established quite a name for myself already.


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