Manage Leads and Customer Communications with One Shared Inbox

As a local business owner, you know quality customer support and fast response rates elevate your customers' experience. With Broadly Inbox, you can track all of your leads and customer communications in one central hub.

You can easily add or import contacts, win over new leads, follow up with customers, request payment, send review requests, and more. Inbox is a seamless communications tool that empowers teams to provide consistent, personalized messaging to leads and customers.

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Manage customer communications all in one place

Book a personalized demo today to discover how the Broadly Inbox can help your business:

✦ Centralize lead and customer communications
✦ Consolidate incoming messages across different channels
✦ Win over leads with prompt responses
✦ Deliver 5-star customer experiences
✦ Send invoices and request payments
✦ Automatically request reviews on Google and other review sites
✦ Streamline business processes
Collecting reviews and reputation management isn’t easy when business owners have to juggle so many other responsibilities.

Investing in real-time online reputation management software like Broadly can help you collect and monitor customer reviews across review sites with…

  • Automated review requests
    • Google
    • Facebook
    • Yelp
    • Nextdoor
    • TripAdvisor
  • SMS text and email requests
  • Customer sentiment tracking
  • Reputation management dashboard

Nurture customer relationships with Broadly's Inbox and CCM software

You're already doing the work of customer communications management (CCM) on an ongoing basis, perhaps without even realizing it. Broadly’s Inbox is a communications tool that makes it easy to provide 5-star experiences to customers from beginning to end.

Broadly's Inbox allows businesses to:

1. Consolidate all inbound and outbound communications with customers and leads from various sources including Google, Facebook, Instagram, Broadly Web Chat, and website contact forms.

Optimize and simplify workflows by automatically requesting reviews when services are completed and your business is at the top of customers’ minds, increasing the likelihood of response.

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2. Keep track of all of your conversations within one shared inbox. Respond to every question and provide convenient customer support from one place.

3. Quickly engage with leads with real-time alerts of new messages. Use the Broadly mobile app to respond to leads and customers from anywhere, at any time.

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4. Cut down on response time while efficiently addressing common questions and messages with our Saved Replies feature. Easily create, store, and quickly send templated messages to leads and customers.

5. Get paid faster by sending invoices and payment requests to customers when services are completed. Broadly will automatically transmit these messages by the customer’s preferred communication method.

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6. Keep all team members on the same page. Deliver consistent messaging when the entire team can see the customer interaction history. Assign conversations to specific team members and leave internal notes on contact records to streamline outbound communications.

7. Build a strong, lasting online reputation. Automatically text customers review requests for Google, Facebook, and other popular review sites upon service or job completion.

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Other features to help grow your small business

Broadly offers other technologies for optimizing your online presence, customer review management and customer engagement.


Web Chat

Turn website visitors into customers by making it easy for leads to message you. Automatically respond to inquiries and capture qualified lead information.



Automatically request reviews on Google, Facebook and other sites after a job or service is complete to boost your chances of being found online and drive low-cost leads.



Get paid faster with contactless and convenient text-to-pay mobile payment options. Plus, offer Pay Over Time flexible financing to high-ticket customers.