MailChimp offers a cloud-based service that helps to run creative campaigns. Their platform includes email marketing, ads, landing pages and automation tools to make marketing efforts easy for businesses.

MailChimp is used by thousands of small and medium-sized businesses of all industries worldwide. A few industries that utilize the Broadly/MailChimp integration include plumbing, hospitality, wellness clinics, and limousine services.


How It Works:

Broadly will connect to your MailChimp and will follow up with your customers automatically depending on how you use MailChimp for your business. MailChimp offers 7 different options for when you want your customers to receive the follow up review request. A few of these triggers include new subscriber, updated subscriber, new subscriber with tag or new campaign.

“Our customer base is growing, employees are growing and revenue is growing in part because of Broadly. Our number of reviews has increased across multiple platforms. We’re more trusted because of the reviews.”

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