Salesforce is a cloud-based computing software that provides companies a customer relationship management tool to help with case and task management. The portal makes it easy for users to track their own cases, automatically escalate important events and stay connected to customers across sales, marketing, communities, apps and analytics.

Salesforce is one of the largest customer relationship management softwares in the world. They are used by a wide range of industries and businesses of every size. Industries that connect to Broadly through our Salesforce integration include solar, roofing, renovation and insurance companies.


How It Works:

Broadly connects with your Salesforce software so that you can automate your review requests via sms or email. Our team will connect your Salesforce and we’ll pull out information from your software so that your customer retention and follow-up is made easy.

“The results we’ve had are crazy good, we can’t believe it. If someone told me that we would have this kind of success with Broadly I would not have believed them. All the other franchises that sign up are perplexed.”

Window Genie of East Valley

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