Shopify is an e-commerce platform for online stores or retail point-of-sale systems. They offer a simple way for businesses to list products to sell, collect credit card payments and ship goods to consumers.

Shopify is used by any business looking to setup an online marketplace or store. Their main industries include clothing, jewelry and other retail shops and restaurants.


How It Works:

Broadly will help you connect your Shopify system to Broadly through Zapier, our third-party integration platform. This will allow review request to be sent automatically to your customers, making customer follow up easy for you. Requests will be sent out based on what works best for your team and how you use Shopify. A few of the most popular triggers include when: a new customer is added, a new purchase is made, a new purchase is marked as “paid”, or an order is updated.

“We have quadrupled our business since starting with Broadly. People reference our reviews on Google and Yelp all the time – they drive our business.”

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