Partnership with Miracle Method

Broadly Announces Partnership with Miracle Method

OAKLAND, CA – Broadly is proud to announce its corporate partnership with Miracle Method, a kitchen and bathroom refinishing company (independent and franchise-owned) to help them enhance their online reviews and get more business via online exposure.

“After 38 years of steady expansion, Miracle Method is beginning to speed up its growth. The company’s goal is to add one or two franchises a month during the next year. To support that pace of growth, the company has spent the past year-and-a-half building up its infrastructure and investing in training, IT software, customer relationship management systems and adding people in its corporate office. “We’ve really been working heavily over the past couple of years with the introduction of new team members gearing up our marketing efforts,” O’Kane says.

The company targets residential and commercial customers through local and national marketing campaigns that touch websites, digital, traditional and social media. Because it utilizes both traditional and digital media, O’Kane says Miracle Method is able to reach a far broader audience than in the past, making it easier than ever for new franchisees to quickly build a customer base. “Through the power of social media and the web, we’re able to get in front of customers much easier,” O’Kane notes.

Marketing in the digital space can be a challenge for established companies, so Miracle Method has partnered with businesses that understand and can better navigate internet marketing. “As a franchise organization, our continued success relies on the continued success of our franchise owners,” O’Kane says. “We work continually on behalf of franchise owners to provide them access to the best support, best vendors and ongoing training to support their growth.

“An example of this is our relationship with Broadly, a reviews automation company,” O’Kane says. “Broadly has helped drive our customers’ positive reviews online. We know customers are happy with our services, so to be able to share this feedback digitally has been a big success. In this digital age, reviews impact bottom lines and it’s continued corporate initiatives with a focus on franchise level success that create a real win-win.“

With a strong support system and team at the corporate level, Miracle Method aims to have the phone ringing before new franchisees even open their doors. That will help them become busy faster and achieve a positive cash flow sooner, laying a strong foundation for sustained growth.

Strong demand from commercial clientele across the country makes expansion for Miracle Method critical. Many of those new franchisees will likely come from the Southeast, where Miracle Method’s presence is thin and it has ample room to grow. Branches are already opening in Savannah and Augusta, Ga., and in Birmingham, Ala. “The whole southeastern quadrant [of the country] is screaming for locations; however, we certainly still have a lot of great territories across the nation,” O’Kane says.

Building up the company’s national footprint will contribute to the company’s goal of adding one to two new franchise each month for the next year. But is must also ensure that those new franchisees fit the company’s culture.

Miracle Method appeals most to people who are interested in franchising but have figured out they don’t want to manage minimum wage employees or operate the long hours required by food and retail businesses, O’Kane explains. It’s for those who are excited about building a business, not buying a job. “We’re a franchise system where we’re going to train and support an entrepreneurial spirit how to run this business,” he says.”

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