Broadly integrations partner


Connect your QuickBooks Online account to Broadly

Broadly seeks to bridge the gap between SMBs and their potential customers by helping them build a strong online presence and reputation. Growing reviews on large platforms such as Google and Facebook, Broadly is here to help businesses be seen.

Automate your review generation

Connecting your QuickBooks Online account is simple.

  1. Sign into your QuickBooks Online account through Broadly’s app and the connection is completed.
  2. Once connected, Broadly will automatically request reviews from your recently invoiced customers.

Your customers will be directed to leave reviews on Google and review platforms of your choosing, giving you the flexibility to grow your business where you need to.

Communicate with customers via the Broadly app

  • With both text messaging and email capabilities, Broadly empowers small businesses to easily keep in touch with their customers.
  • Send photos or messages to customers in the office or on the go as the need arises. Communication all stays in one place along with badges to show transaction and review history with any particular customer.
  • Did you complete an order? Let your customer know it’s ready for pickup. Or if you’ve received an inquiry, easily follow up with a quote.
  • Your QuickBooks Online customer contact list automatically syncs into Broadly’s contact list making customer contact a breeze.

Integrate Broadly Payments into QuickBooks

Using Broadly’s Payments solution, send invoices to customers via text message or email in the Broadly app. These sales receipts can be posted to QuickBooks ensuring that all your financial information is in one place, helping cut down on time spent bookkeeping.