Broadly Q&A: Clear Lake Dental

Broadly Q&A features our small business partners. This week, we are featuring our conversation with Brandi Kellogg of Clear Lake Dental Care:

What makes your practice the best choice for patients in your area?

Clear Lake Dental Care offers a very wide variety of procedures. When a patient needs a routine dental cleaning or full mouth rehab with dental implants (or similarly complicated cases), we can meet their needs. It’s very rare that we have to refer a patient out for a procedure. Patients really appreciate this.

How have you gotten the word out to attract new patients?

We’ve always done direct mail and have a good ROI on that. We also have a local billboard, which is usually a branding tactic – but we get a lot of patients from the billboard. We also buy pay-per-click campaigns. Historically, we’ve done newspaper, radio, TV. Sometimes, things work really really well for a while. However, you just kind of have to change with the times. We really try to narrow down our marketing efforts to what is online.

How did you learn about Broadly?

Our treatment coordinator went to a meeting in Florida, where she met Tiffany from Broadly. I was really intrigued by how patients were able to respond directly to me if they had any concerns, and we could handle any issues. I really like the widget on our website that feeds in the live reviews, and how that helps boost our website’s SEO.

What has your practice learned from patient feedback?

Patients can have a lot of anxiety when making that first phone call to schedule an appointment – that’s a big deal. We are constantly reminded of how nerve-wracking that patient fear can be. Patient feedback helps us stay in touch with that – from that very first phone call to when they walk in the door. Patients say how terrified they were, and how we have helped to ease their fear. We just made the process so much easier for them.

We also hear that patients feel like they are important to us, that we care about their experience, and about them as people. It’s something that we’ve had to focus on as we’ve grown, as we are a very busy practice. We want to build that long-term relationship.

How do you know that Broadly is working?

To me, it’s invaluable because we hear it phone call after phone call. We ask our patients how they heard about us, and online is a pretty constant answer. They say “We read your reviews” – we hear that every day. Patients are driving 45 minutes or an hour out of their way to get to our practice. At that point, it’s our job to keep them here and give them a great experience.

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