Refer Local Businesses to Broadly and Get Paid

We’ll send you a $500 Visa gift card for every local business you refer us to that signs up for Broadly Premium. Plus, the businesses you refer will each get a free month of Broadly!

Offer does not apply to referrals within the Neighborly franchise

Great, how do I invite my friends/contacts?

Please complete this short form with the email addresses of any local business you’d like to refer. Please note that referrals only count if they are people outside of your company.

Who should I refer to Broadly?

Refer any local business that would benefit from more qualified leads and an automated way to collect reviews. Think complementary businesses you often refer customers to, businesses in your networking groups, and friends and family who own or work at local businesses.

What do my friends/contacts need to do?

We’ll schedule a personal one-on-one demo with them to show them everything Broadly has to offer! All they need to do is show up, sign up, and remain a customer for at least one full month (their free trial month doesn’t count).

What can I do to help my referrals sign up with Broadly?

To add a personal touch to your referral, and increase the likelihood that a business will sign up with Broadly, we recommend copy and pasting the below email and sending it directly to anyone you refer.

Email template for Referrer:

Hi there, 

I’ve been using Broadly to build a strong online reputation and collect reviews across review sites. I recently referred you to them because I know that their app can help you increase the amount of qualified leads you get each month, boost your reputation, and win you more business! If you have any questions about how game-changing Broadly has been for me, don’t hesitate to reach out.

What’s in it for me?

You’ll get compensated when a referral successfully signs up with a Broadly Premium plan and remains a customer for two months. The more business you refer, the more money you can make!

When will I get my reward?

Once the local business you have referred has been a paid customer for one full month, we will reach out to you to coordinate payment.

What Business Owners Are Saying About Broadly

Get paid $500 when you refer a business that signs up for Broadly