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Broadly Q&A: Strobel Dentistry

Broadly Q&A features our small business partners. This week, we are featuring our conversation with Jess Pirotte of Strobel Dentistry:

Tell us about Strobel Dentistry. What makes your practice special?

We’ve been in the same building in downtown Chicago since 1932. Our practice was founded by Gregory Strobel, Sr., a veteran of WWII. When he went off to war, the building owners held his office suite for free until he returned. Three generations of Strobels have run the practice here. We are committed to compassionate and honest dentistry.

How does Strobel Dentistry attract new patients?

Historically, we’ve attracted new patients mostly by word of mouth. We have a large base of patient referrals, which is great. We support and show appreciation to patients when they send referrals our way.

What are some of the new things you’re trying to market your practice?

The main focus over the past couple of years has been optimizing our online presence. We publish a monthly blog, and we are active on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Our team leverages Google AdWords, SEO, and also work with Broadly. We focus on getting information out there about our practice, ensure that it’s accurate, and focus on patient education. The team also strives to make the information interesting and interactive

How do online reviews play a role in your marketing strategy?

Online reviews are more important than paid advertising by far, because reviews drive how people make decisions these days. I know that, in my own life, I will rarely do anything without that validation from a review. Online reviews and search are an increasing referral source of new patients for our practice.

What have you learned about your patients through the Broadly program?

We are always looking to learn more about our patient experience, and we are incredibly fortunate that 99% of the reviews that we get are very good. However, (very) occasionally, we get a review that communicates a bad patient experience. We jump on that to find out what went wrong, and determine what we can do better.

How do you know that Broadly is working?

Broadly has been really successful in getting our patients to respond. We have worked with a couple companies before, and Broadly has been the most effective. We track how our new patients find us – as visitors to our site, clicks on our ads, and more. Most often, when new patients call us, they reference our great reviews on both Google and Yelp.

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Broadly Q&A: Harper Carpet Care

Broadly Q&A features our small business partners. This week, we are featuring our conversation with Christi Harper, Owner, Harper Carpet Care near Austin, Texas:

Tell us a little about your business. What makes Harper Carpet Care unique?

We are a family-run business. We’re small, but we service Austin and surrounding areas, so our service area is quite large. We provide a customer experience that large companies cannot. Our dedicated employees have been with us for a long time.

What’s the market like in Austin? Who are your customers?

There are so many carpet cleaners. Right now, there are too many companies out there to choose from. We have a mix of new customers, and a lot of return clientele who wouldn’t even think of using anyone else. We do have some people calling around and asking about prices. Our pricing is comparable to other reputable companies. I encourage them to read our online reviews and let that be a major weight in their decision.

What have you done to attract new customers?

We’ve done some direct mailing and advertising with Yelp. We’ve done ValPak and once paid thousands for advertising with no return. This was extremely heartbreaking, and they wouldn’t allow us to get out of the contract. We’ve even done new home buyer gift packages.

How do you learn about new marketing programs?

I usually get hammered with solicitors and people calling us to advertise with them. You’ve got to turn my ear to get me to listen. I fielded 10 phone calls yesterday alone. When Luke (from Broadly) called, he said something that caught my attention. It was a brief synopsis of what Broadly does to generate more reviews, and it interested me. We know that good reviews do bring new business.

What excited you about partnering with Broadly?

These days, you’ve gotta have reviews. I get calls from people who see that Harper Carpet Care is a local, family-owned business, and that our online reviews are amazing. I probably book 75% of our new clients off of Yelp alone, and one job will pay for the month. At one point, we started exploding, and we were getting to the point where we couldn’t accommodate new customers quickly enough. We recently added a third van. We are growing!
Broadly is encouraging my clients to get online and write reviews. It’s no secret – the more positive online reviews you’ve got out there, the more business it’s going to bring you. I think Broadly is very well paying for itself. We don’t have a very big marketing budget, so where we do spend, it needs to matter. Broadly is definitely working. 
Guide to Blogging

The Broadly Guide to Blogging

Why start a blog for your business? For one, blogging improves the visibility of your business’s website in search results. Blogging can also drive more leads  – up to 126% more leads, according to one study. Moreover, your business website’s blog allows your customers to learn more about you and your business.
It’s true that blogging requires time and investment. Yet the benefits offer local businesses a better chance of being found and chosen by customers. A few tips to get started:

Set-up your website

Ensure that your business’s website is set-up properly. Some website platforms already include blogging capabilities, whereas others may need further configuration.

Create a list of topics

Think about the questions that you are answering for your customers on a daily basis, what you would like them to know, and what your business does best. Keep a running list so that you always have topics on hand. A few examples:
  • Kilgore & Co. Accountancy warns customers about a phony IRS email.

Consider your format and audience

Many businesses prefer to write, but this may not make sense for all. For example, remodelers, landscapers, and other home service professionals may share before-and-after images. Plumbers can create short how-to videos. Regardless of format, make sure that your messages are clear and simple, in language that your customers will understand.

Introduce your team 

Your website’s blog is a great way to recognize and share the stories of the people who serve your mission, such as this example from Strobel Dentistry.

Promote your blog

Be sure to promote your blog posts through social media and your business’s newsletter, as appropriate. Remind your customers that your blog includes information that they may find useful.
Blogging is a fantastic opportunity to connect with customers. Have fun with it!
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Broadly Q&A: Twin Cities Furnace Cleaning

Broadly Q&A features our small business partners. This week, we are featuring our chat with Lisa Adwan, of Twin Cities Furnace Cleaning of St. Paul, Minnesota:

Tell us more about Twin Cities Furnace Cleaning. What makes your business stand out?

“One of the things that we always try to do is keep straightforward pricing. Vendors in the air duct cleaning industry have a reputation for getting the technician in the home and charging extra fees, and we’re countering that with extremely straightforward pricing: What you see is what you get, no hidden pricing.”

What have you learned about marketing Twin Cities Furnace Cleaning?

“It’s a work in progress. We made a lot of mistakes along the way. The biggest mistake was casting too wide of a net. For example, we advertised directly to new homeowners, but the cost-benefit ratio was really disappointing. Direct mail is very expensive and time consuming. We don’t do cold calls. We buy Google AdWords, which can get pretty costly, too. For a good job, though, it can be worth it.”

What made you choose Broadly?

“The first thing Ben said was that Broadly could help us get more reviews. To be honest, we almost wanted fewer reviews… because of the way a negative review can bring you down. It’s so stressful. However, I was intrigued by what Ben told me about how Broadly worked.”

From the customer feedback you’ve received so far, has anything surprised you?

“Customers that have some criticism are very, very valuable to us. We are now able to head off any complaints beforehand – that’s how the feedback has really helped us. We also provide additional information on our website if people are complaining about upgrades. I feel like I’ve learned so much in the two years I’ve been here.”

How would you assess the return on investment in Broadly?

“Almost every day people will say ‘I’ve been looking around, and your reviews are awesome.’ The biggest gift that Broadly gave us is Google reviews. Prior to Broadly, we didn’t have much of a web presence on Google, so I was really thankful to Ben for pointing that out. Google is what matters. Considering that we are buying AdWords, it would make sense that we would build out our web presence. I learned a lot from Ben and from our conversation. In terms of our ROI, Broadly has been huge – it really has.