The Broadly guide to blogging

Why start a blog for your business? For one, blogging improves the visibility of your business’s website in search results. Blogging can also drive more leads  – up to 126% more leads, according to one study. Moreover, your business website’s blog allows your customers to learn more about you and your business.
It’s true that blogging requires time and investment. Yet the benefits offer local businesses a better chance of being found and chosen by customers. A few tips to get started:

Set-up your website

Ensure that your business’s website is set-up properly. Some website platforms already include blogging capabilities, whereas others may need further configuration.

Create a list of topics

Think about the questions that you are answering for your customers on a daily basis, what you would like them to know, and what your business does best. Keep a running list so that you always have topics on hand. A few examples:
  • Kilgore & Co. Accountancy warns customers about a phony IRS email.

Consider your format and audience

Many businesses prefer to write, but this may not make sense for all. For example, remodelers, landscapers, and other home service professionals may share before-and-after images. Plumbers can create short how-to videos. Regardless of format, make sure that your messages are clear and simple, in language that your customers will understand.

Introduce your team 

Your website’s blog is a great way to recognize and share the stories of the people who serve your mission, such as this example from Strobel Dentistry.

Promote your blog

Be sure to promote your blog posts through social media and your business’s newsletter, as appropriate. Remind your customers that your blog includes information that they may find useful.
Blogging is a fantastic opportunity to connect with customers. Have fun with it!

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