A new look for Broadly

Broadly is used by thousands of local businesses. Although our team has spent the past several years helping these businesses grow, we’ve never widely shared our vision. Today we are excited to reveal Broadly’s new brand and identity that defines and communicates what Broadly is today: a company dedicated to helping local service businesses grow by attracting new customers and providing excellent customer experiences to keep them coming back.

Where we started

Before we get to the updates, I’d like to provide a little background on where we’ve been and where we’re going. Over the last several years, our product has evolved a great deal as we continue to meet the changing needs and expectations of our customers — local businesses — and their customers.

From the beginning, Broadly has been focused on helping businesses improve their online reputation and increase the number of reviews on Google, Facebook and other sites that matter. We’ve always known that when you increase your reviews, you build trust with potential customers and increase your chances of being discovered online. That’s why having a solid review strategy is so essential to attracting new customers and growing your business.

Where we are now

Broadly is still all about helping businesses grow through reviews and new business, but we also help businesses grow by helping them provide their customers with excellent customer experiences across every interaction. The way we see it, when a customer has a great experience, they are more likely to come back and recommend your business to family and friends. Having loyal customers who are excited to tell others about your a business is critical for sustainable growth and lasting success.

That’s why helping our customers provide great customer experiences is such an important part of what we do. In fact, we offer several features that help businesses build strong relationships with their customers across each and every interaction including:

  • Web Chat to make it easy for prospective customers to contact businesses directly from their website
  • Campaigns to send personalized email promotions or reminders for service
  • Payments to give customers a convenient and contactless way to pay
  • Inbox to connect with leads and manage customer messages, payments, review requests and email campaigns — all in one place.

Using these features to cultivate and maintain strong relationships through every customer interactions can build customer loyalty and ensure customers don’t move on to a competitor.

What’s more, we’re also more particular about the type of local businesses we work with. Having worked with local businesses for several years, we’ve identified the businesses that can benefit most from our services and are focusing on three specific verticals: Automotive, Home Services and Pet Services. We’re learning more each day about the unique needs of these industries and are confident that we have the solutions to help them grow and thrive.

A new look:

We are launching new visuals to help communicate Broadly’s new brand position and identity including:

  • Watermark logo and app icon: Broadly is focused on helping local businesses provide excellent customer experiences, and the new logo features a four-pointed star to symbolize the amazing 5-star experience that our local businesses provide their customers.
  • Typeface and colors: Our customers have always appreciated our friendly, sincere and straightforward approach to helping local businesses, and our classic style typeface and colors reflect that.
  • Mission: How will Broadly help local businesses grow? By getting more reviews, attracting more leads, and providing excellent customer experiences to keep those customers coming back.
  • Website: See our new logo, typeface, colors and messaging come together on our newly updated website. We did a complete redesign to highlight the types of businesses we work with — Automotive, Home Services, and Pet Services — and also provide a deep dive into the value of each of our features and how they can all work together to help you grow your business.

So, go ahead and look around. We’d love to hear what you think. And, don’t forget to go to the App store to download the latest version of Broadly featuring our new look.