Broadly Q&A: Brothers Pool Service & Repair

Broadly Q&A features our small business partners. This week, we are sharing our conversation on their service and on getting yelp reviews with Greg Villafana, who owns and operates Brothers Pool Service & Repair in Scottsdale, Arizona, alongside his brother Tyler Rasmussen:

How did Brothers Pool Service & Repair get started?

Tyler’s family adopted me when I was in high school. They always had a pool, and my other family had a pool. We always enjoyed being poolside, and we always had our cleaning duties. We are pretty dynamic duo – he’s the swimming mastermind, and he worked at a pool shop and was doing well at it … and didn’t want to work for The Man anymore. This was his idea, and he just went for it. He’s my best friend, brother, and he’s just so good at what he does.

What made you decide to join your brother in the business?

Tyler had started this business out here, and it looked like a good business model to me. At the time, I was working in military logistics in California. I took a promotion in San Diego, and moved my family out there… for about a week. I decided that I wanted to go to Arizona and be a part of this business instead. We packed everything that day – it was pretty scary. In Arizona, I got in with Harley-Davidson (managing social media) and moved up a little bit. I finally went full-time (with Brothers Pool Service & Repair) a month ago. We are just growing like crazy.

How did you first get the word out about Brothers Pool Service & Repair?

I started building the website, and I knew how important reviews were from Day 1. Reviews will make or break your business. I was creating campaigns on MailChimp and asking customers for yelp reviews, but nothing was sticking. We got in contact with Broadly, and you guys just killed it for us by setting up campaigns and sending out these emails.

How have reviews helped your business?

There’s nothing better than a good review. It just helps potential customers, and they want to sign up for our services. 90% of new customers will call and say “I saw your Yelp reviews” and love all of the things our current customers are saying about us. When you Google ‘Pool Service in Scottsdale’, we are #1 for Scottsdale – people always go right to that. That’s pretty compelling, for people to call up and say they were impressed by the yelp reviews. We take it very seriously.

What have you learned from customer feedback?

It’s pretty crazy – most pool guys don’t see their customers. We always just put our best foot forward and do the best job we possibly can. It might seem that we go unnoticed. Since we’ve been getting all of these reviews, we can see that people care about what we do. It just makes us want to step up our game and do that even more so.

What else do you do for marketing?

I create and post a lot of content on Instagram. It’s easy for me, because pools are visually appealing. I also try to show off our personalities – there are pictures of me, my brother, and our technicians. I want to show off our business and that we’re doing well. It’s really easy to find people in your area and connect with them. I also use Facebook, and I’m trying to blog more, include more keywords on our website, and share posts on more social media platforms.

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