Yelp Reviews- Why do they filter

Why Does Yelp Filter Reviews & What You Can Do About It

As a business owner, you might spend a lot of time and effort collecting legitimate and honest online reviews about your products and services. You likely already know that reviews fuel your online business, and you are aiming to provide quality customer service.

Then, something throws a wrench in your strategy. You hear that Yelp, one of the top review and recommendation services, is filtering your testimonials. Yelp has more than 100 million unique monthly visitors across desktop and mobile devices, which means there are a lot of eyes that could come across your business. That’s why many businesses do not like losing out on those filtered reviews.

Why is Yelp filtering my reviews? What can I do to make it better? Does Yelp have it out for me and my business?  These are all common questions, and we hope to answer them in this post.

Reasons Why Yelp Filters Reviews:

  1. The review is written by a new user with no profile information
  2. The review is overly positive or negative
  3. The review is too short to help other readers
  4. The review violates Yelp’s guidelines

We are also going to show you how to build out your Yelp presence regardless of the reviews that get filtered out.

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Reason 1: The review is written by a new user

Why Does Yelp Filter Reviews - New Users

Yelp developed and implemented an automated filter that hides some review in an attempt to ensure that only the most honest and helpful testimonials are displayed. While the goal of the filter is to eliminate fake reviews or funny reviews on Yelp, there are times when legitimate reviews are hidden from view.

The first reason a review might be hidden is that it was left by a new user with little to no profile information. To Yelp’s automated filter, this can easily look like a bot or a fake profile. Think about it: When you see anyone’s social profile with no photo and barely any posts, don’t you see some red flags go up? This is the same thought process applied to the Yelp filter.

One workaround to this problem could be that you help legitimize the reviews by adding the reviewer as a friend or perhaps voting their review as “cool” or “helpful.” A little engagement on the review could help Yelp see the reviewer as a real person. This goes without saying, but you should never pay anyone to leave you a review, either. When you pay for reviews or buy fake reviews, they usually come in the form of a “new user” and will be filtered out anyway.

Reason 2: The review is overly positive or negative

According to Yelp, it’s apparently pretty rare for a human to be exceptionally impressed or unimpressed with a business. If a review comes off as way too positive or way too negative, the Yelp filter considers it to be fake. Since that might not always be the case, it is easy to get frustrated with the idea that some of your very best reviews could be hidden because they were too positive. Seems like you’re being punished for doing a great job, doesn’t it?

Although we cannot control the Yelp filter, we can control one thing: letting family leave reviews. We all know our moms are very proud of us, but sometimes that pride goes overboard online. Of course, your mom is going to rave about your company—same with your friends and family. To help alleviate the possibility of positive reviews getting hidden, don’t ask your family and friends to leave any. Yelp can sniff out that bias from a mile away.

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Reason 3: The review is too short

With the idea that reviews should be helpful, Yelp believes that extremely short reviews do not get the job done. For example, a review that says, “Horrible customer service!” doesn’t provide any explanation or telling details about the visit. To Yelp (and us, to be honest), that seems a little fishy. It looks like a bad attempt at using fake reviews to bash a business.

If you can, one solution may be to encourage reviewers to leave detailed reviews. Perhaps include a short note on your website next to your Yelp page link or in your Yelp profile. Chances are your customers have no idea about this filtering issue and they don’t realize their short reviews are being hidden. Simply letting them know that details are important (because they help you improve for their sake) could be a good way to reduce the number of reviews that are short and unhelpful.

Reason 4: The review violates Yelp’s guidelines

Why Does Yelp Filter Reviews - Violates Rules

Perhaps the most logical reason for a review to be filtered out from your page, a review that violates Yelp’s guidelines will not make it very far. The general guidelines for Yelp reviews are as follows. Anything that falls under these categories will likely be filtered out.

  • Inappropriate content such as shrewd language or graphic details
  • Conflicts of interest such as friends or family writing reviews. Additionally, according to the policy, you should not be directly asking for Yelp reviews (more on that later)
  • Promotional content such as promoting your own business on a competitor’s reviews to try to steal business
  • Relevance such as rants about a business’s political ideologies or employment practices—anything not related to the consumer experience is considered irrelevant
  • Privacy such as posting close-up photos of other patrons without permission, people’s full names, or other private information you were not permitted to share
  • Intellectual property such as copying and pasting someone else’s review
  • Demanding payment such as trying to extract payment from a business using your review as a threat. The only exception is asking for a refund following bad service.

The majority of these guidelines are in your best interest as the business owner, but because Yelp’s filtering system is not human, some great, real reviews get shadowed because they seem to violate a guideline.

Instead of mourning the loss of those filtered reviews, though, you should continue to be proactive in collecting even more Yelp reviews and upholding a stellar presence on the platform.

More Yelp Review Tips

To continue improving your Yelp presence, there are some things you should be doing in the background. You should be consistently updating your company information, for example, as it changes. If you move, add a location, or offer new/different services, be sure to keep your page updated at all times. Customers are much more likely to engage online with a company (leave a review) if they know the company will see it. Show your customers how active you are online—they will reciprocate that effort.

To add to that point, when you do get a new Yelp review, don’t just let it sit there. Responding to reviews—whether they are negative or positive—is so important for your online presence and customer satisfaction. When people take the time out to do you a favor by leaving a review, the least you can do is thank them. If the review is negative, your reply may need to be a little more nuanced—here are some helpful negative review response tips.

Of course, sometimes Yelp’s filter doesn’t catch everything. When you do come across a review on your page that seems fake, you can follow some steps to flag it for removal. You will have to state your case to Yelp explaining why it violates their guidelines, and you will need to provide evidence that it is fraudulent. The more information you can offer, the more likely the review is to be removed.

All in all, Yelp is an incredible online review platform that can really boost your business by way of customer referral. The key is, you have to play by the rules. As long as you do that, you should have no problem getting amazing reviews on Yelp… regardless of the filter!

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Customer Service Feedback Examples

5 Good Customer Service Feedback Examples You Can Learn From

Great customer service takes your business to the next level, and ensure your success. Your product and price can be amazing, but without making your customer feel valued, you can lose out on tons of repeat business and referrals. Especially in the digital age, if someone has a bad customer experience with your company, they will not hesitate to bad mouth you online (even if it is funny). Wouldn’t you rather your customers rave about you to all their friends? More than half of consumers spend more money with brands they’re loyal to, so keeping them happy, keeps them coming back.

Your customer service staff is the face of your company. Whether or not you train them correctly can truly make or break your business. Below we will show you some amazing examples of customer service so you can see what it looks like when it’s done right. No matter what industry you’re in, you are still in the business of customer service.

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Example 1: The JetBlue Chief People Officer

Screen Shot 2018 04 04 at 4.12.04 PM

JetBlue is often commended for solving problems quickly via Twitter—a genius customer service vehicle, by the way—but the airline’s legendary People Officer is even more impressive. There was one incident where JetBlue was testing out a new system and asked passengers show up two hours too early to their flight. To help alleviate passengers’ grievances, the Chief People Officer was on the flight and held rounds of trivia to give away about a dozen free plane tickets to the airline’s participating cities. The stunt received tons of publicity, and in a time when some airlines are getting a lot of flack, JetBlue is just rising above the rest simply by thinking about their customers.

Example 2: Google Express Fixes Shipping Issue

This is a personal example. I recently ordered a couple of vinyl records from the new Google Express, which has partnered with Walmart to be a rival to Amazon Prime with two-day shipping. After receiving shipping tracking information, I patiently waited for my records to arrive. As promised, a package arrived in a few days—but there was only one record in it. When checking my emails to see the issue, I realized it the second vinyl was in fact supposed to be in the same package.

I looked for a solution to my email from Google Express. There, in plain sight, was a “Contact Us” option. I clicked it, and I was taken to a live chat window. I expressed my issue to the customer service rep I was chatting with, provided my order number, and that was it. The rep realized my vinyl was stuck at FedEx location, and he/she fixed the issue—the package arrived just a day or two later.

google support

Not only was the experience seamless and painless, but, for my troubles (without me even asking), the rep provided me with a discount code for my next order. The email with the 15% off code said, “Sorry to hear about your recent bumpy experience with Google Express,” which was incredibly refreshing. They admitted they made a mistake and sweetened the deal to make the hassle worth it. A “bravo” moment in my book, this tactic is simple enough for any company (no matter how small) to keep customers happy and coming back.

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Example 3: The CVS Good Samaritan Vans

CVS Customer Service Feedback Example

You might not think of CVS, the drug store chain when you see a stranded motorist on the side of the highway, but after reading this example, maybe you will. One woman tells Consumerist that she got a flat tire on a busy highway in Washington D.C. She called her husband, but he was going to be a while until he could get there. Then, within minutes, a CVS Good Samaritan Van pulled up.

She said to Consumerist: “The gentleman, Ernie, introduced himself and got right down to business to put on my spare. He even apologized for being tied up with another driver farther back. He told me I could call my husband and tell him not to worry. Five minutes later, my tire was fixed and I was on my way. CVS only asks that you fill out a postage-paid comment card. Because of this service, I will definitely be shopping at CVS more often. Thanks to CVS and to Ernie, who helped me out of a jam on Southbound 395.”

Who knew Samaritan vans were even a thing? CVS gets major points for this strategy because they are reaching people who may not even shop at CVS. Their cause is rooted in genuine caring for others, which is a big draw for people. People want to shop somewhere they feel valued and cared about.

Example 4: Warby Parker’s Train Mystery

Though this example may be a little tougher to replicate on an everyday basis, it’s a great example of how far some companies go to ensure their customers are completely enamored with them. Warby Parker, a disruptor in the eyewear industry, has revolutionized the eyewear buying industry by allowing customers to try on their glasses before buying them.

Perhaps their most famous customer service story comes from a man who left his beloved Warby Parker readers on the train. Luckily for him, he was unknowingly sitting near Warby Parker’s General Counsel, Anjali Kumar. Here’s what the man posted on Facebook about his experience (notice how many consumers take to social media to share their good/bad experiences with a company!).

warby parker

Such a heartwarming story is incredible PR for the brand, but their entire model reflects that same type of customer service. By allowing customers to try-on five pairs of glasses at a time at home without paying a dime is a very generous feature that puts the customer first. Everyone knows buying glasses online could be difficult, so Warby Parker helps you find the perfect fit. There are multiple resources on the website as well to help you find the eyewear shape best suited for you. This customer feedback example is just a testament to the entire culture at the startup-turned-industry-leader.

Source: Forbes

Enhance Your Online Reputation

Example #5: Trader Joe’s Saves Christmas

For our final example of exceptional customer service, we turn our attention to grocery store chain Trader Joe’s. The following story was shared on Reddit:

Screen Shot 2018 04 02 at 10.25.35 AM

Not only is this story totally “aww”-inducing, but it just goes to show that, sometimes, you have to break the rules. Even for a corporate company, the store decided to take matters into its own hands for the sake of one customer. The fact that Trader Joe’s delivered the food and paid for it despite never doing either of those things regularly is what makes this act of kindness so remarkable.

And, per usual, we see that the experience was shared online, on Reddit, where 3,102 people “up-voted” it. Good news travels fast—your wonderful customer service, even if just towards one person, does not go unnoticed.


If these examples made you say “wow,” then you can see just how impactful great customer service can be. Just imagine if one of these stories was about your company! There are so many creative ways to create an outstanding customer experience, and these five examples are prime starting points for you to think on. Keep your customers happy, and you’ll have business coming in for a very long time.

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Solar Marketing Tips & Strategies

Solar Marketing Strategies & Tips To Grow Your Sales

Between big corporations and small startups, a lot of companies are looking to get in on the solar sector. For this reason, chances are, you’re noticing you have a lot of competition in your niche. But do not get discouraged!

To help you stand out amongst your competition, we’re going to go over some effective marketing tactics that can help you grow your sales for your solar business.

List Of Solar Marketing Tips

  1. Build Your Online Presence
  2. Amplify Ranking in Local Search Results
  3. Get Referrals and Partnerships
  4. Use Paid Advertising
  5. Increase Promotions
  6. Collect Reviews

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Marketing Tip #1: Build Your Online Presence

Solar Marketing Tip - Create a website

In today’s digital world, a good online presence is a must. If you really want to boost sales, then you should shoot for a stellar online presence—it really is that important. To create such a great presence, we recommend having three things: a website, a blog, and social media.

Company Website

Your website is essentially your online office. It is where anyone who is online will be able to find you. Speaking of people who are online… Did you realize that only 11% of Americans do not use the internet? That means approximately 290 million American people are on the internet and could potentially come across your website if you market it well enough. That’s a whole lot of people—and we’re only looking at the United States. Just think about all those potential sales you are missing out on without a website.


Blogs, if done right, can be one of the most beneficial marketing strategies you employ. However, they must be done right. To create a blog that really helps increases your solar company’s sales, it is recommended to update the blog at least twice a week. The reasoning behind this ties to Search Engine Optimization, which means your blog will have more chances of showing up when people search for certain keywords on Google that match some keywords on your blog posts. The more often you post, or add a new website “page,” the more chances you have to be discovered organically online.

Additionally, a blog will also help you position yourself as an industry leader. When you use your blog to help educate and inform your potential customers, they will learn to trust you and your expertise in the solar industry. Thus, when they go to buy solar equipment, they will be much more likely to buy it from you since you have positioned yourself as a solar industry leader. It is a win-win; the customer is more educated on your product, and you make a sale (and probably gain a loyal fan in the process).

Social Accounts

As with a website, you have to be where the people are. And a LOT of the people are on social media. Simply having Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter accounts will, at the very least, enable you to get in front of more eyes. It’s a publicity effort. More importantly, though, social media is also best used by companies who take customer service seriously (which you should!).

Take social media as an opportunity to get to know your customers more and turn them into loyal followers. Seventy-one percent of consumers who have a positive experience with a company on social media are more likely to recommend that company to others—talk about a great opportunity for word-of-mouth referrals.

If you want to do more with social marketing, we will go over your best option later on in this post.

Marketing Tip #2: Amplify Ranking in Local Search Results

Local SEO for Solar Companies

Improving your company’s ranking in local search results will help you corner the local market. A lot of times, when people are searching online for a product or service, they want to work with someone local. In fact, a little over 70% of people feel the need to search for local businesses online before going to them. So, that means you need to be working on your local SEO so you can rise above your competition in the search results.

One way to help your company to rank better in local search results is to create separate website pages for each service you offer. Similar to the reasoning behind updating your blog often, having more website pages gives you more chances to rank. You can also setup multiple keyword phrases for each website page so that you have the chance to show up for a variety of search queries.

The other important component of local SEO is to make sure you have local business citations on the web. A local citation just basically refers to a listing of your company’s website, phone number, and address. Creating a listing for your business on a platform such as Google or Facebook helps you control the information people are getting when your citation pops up.

More importantly, you’ll want your business listed in local directories under your specific category. Seek out directories that might be specific to your industry, like the chamber of commerce website. If you manage to get your company listed as the only solar business in the area, you will reap some big rewards.

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Marketing Tip #3: Get Referrals and Partnerships

make new partners

It’s no secret that word-of-mouth referrals are a fantastic way to gain more customers. But how do you take it one step further? A similar strategy is to establish partnerships with other local businesses that are not your competition but still similar to your industry.

Forming partnerships with other businesses will help you create a network of local support, which will give you even more trusted referrals. Think of the types of hobbies or needs your customers might have, then reach out to those companies in your area. See if you can work out a mutually beneficial referral program.

If you want to continue building your customer referrals as well, consider offering a discount for those who refer you to someone else. Here’s a helpful resource for setting up your referral program.

Marketing Tip #4: Use Paid Advertising

If you have the budget for it, using paid advertising is another smart way to boost your solar sales. Setting up paid ads on Google, for example, will automatically place your ad at the top of a search result for a specific keyword you want to rank for. This takes some of the legwork out of SEO.

To set up ads on Google, it’s pretty simple. You just need a Google Adwords account, then you set your budget, then the platform helps walk you through the process of creating your ad.

Another, more affordable option, is Facebook advertising. In a similar fashion, you set your budget, which determines how long your ad will run and how many people it will reach. Facebook ads actually have some great ROI for the people who do them well. Your most important tool for Facebook advertising is their targeting tool. You are able to very specifically pick out a group of people based on their interests, location, age, gender, etc. that will see your ad. This helps you tailor the ad content to those specific users.

Once your initial FB ad run is over, we recommend now using the retargeting tool. Basically, retargeting with FB ads means you are able to retarget the same people who may have clicked on your website but didn’t take action. So, you know they are interested, and now you can hopefully close the deal with one more savvy ad. This is a good tutorial on creating a retargeting campaign.

Marketing Tip #5: Increase Promotions

Special promotions are a great way to increase the buzz around your product and ignite impulse purchases from customers. Here are some of our favorite promotion ideas:

  • Loyalty rewards
    • Consider handing out punch cards for customers to utilize for every purchase. After every fifth purchase or so, maybe they get a 40% discount.
  • Birthday or first-time discount
    • Everyone loves feeling like they’re getting a good deal, so don’t hesitate to give out discounts for birthdays and first-time purchasers. It’s a small gesture that will have a big impact.
  • Run a contest
    • Even better than a deal is a freebie. Run a contest where you offer a free product or service, but make sure you ask for at least email addresses for people to enter. This way, you’re building your database for the cost of just one prize
  • Holidays and special events
    • You would be remiss not to capitalize on the buying frenzies of Black Friday and the Christmas season. Don’t hesitate to run special sales during these times.

Marketing Tip #6: Collect Reviews

get more reviews

Lastly, your secret weapon to solar customer success is garnering customer reviews. 85% of people trust online reviews just as much as a personal recommendation from a friend. It’s like the modern-age referral!

To get more online reviews, all you have to do is ask. The key to asking for reviews is to do it immediately following a service rendered or product purchased and to ask when the customer is happiest. Doing so will hopefully ensure your review is a positive one.

Though you can get creative with it, the ways you can ask differ. Depending if you want to ask via email, feedback surveys, or other methods, your wording should differ slightly. Especially if you want to ask for Yelp reviews (they have a review policy that makes it a little trickier). If you’re not sure what to say to ask for online reviews, we created this post with a bunch of templates you can use and customize as needed.

What NOT TO DO when asking for online reviews

  • Buy fake reviews
  • Bribe customers
  • Spam customers


Hopefully, after reviewing all these marketing tips, you will be able to boost your solar company sales. There are plenty of resources on the web to help you, and we are happy to be one of those!

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How to delete a review on tripadvisor

How To Delete A Review On TripAdvisor

Looking to improve your TripAdvisor presence? Smart move! Your first step is getting TripAdvisor reviews, and one of the most effective ways to receive reviews for your business is to ask customers immediately following a purchase or service. This way, they’re already thinking about how great your company is, so they are much more likely to leave a review… and not just any kind of review, but a positive one!

But what happens when you receive a TripAdvisor review that looks little fishy? Maybe it’s very negative and is bashing your business, or maybe it just seems fraudulent. Whatever the reason might be, there could arise a time when you want to delete a TripAdvisor review. We will show you all the steps necessary to remove reviews on TripAdvisor so you never have to worry about falsehoods circling about your company.

Steps To Deleting A TripAdvisor Review

  1. Check Your TripAdvisor Account For Reviews
  2. Evaluate The Reviews
  3. Respond To Review Quickly
  4. If Fake, Flag For Removal
  5. Contact TripAdvisor customer service
  6. Get more reviews
  7. Manage online reviews

Turn Fans Into Reviewers - CTA

Step 1: Check Your TripAdvisor Account For Reviews

It’s wise to get to know all the tools that are given to you on your TripAdvisor account. One of these tools is the TripAdvisor Management Center, which is basically your command center as the business owner. (If you can’t find your Management Center, make sure you have claimed your property. Look it up in the search bar, and if you don’t see your property, you can list it at Then, see Management Center registration steps here.)

Once you are logged into your TripAdvisor Management Center, you can take a look at the reviews people have left on your property so far.

Simply click the “Manage your reviews” link, and it will take you to your company’s TripAdvisor reviews.

tripadvisor management center for deleting reviews

Step 2: Evaluate the Reviews

You may remember this step from our guides on removing Facebook reviews and removing Google reviews. A similar process with TripAdvisor, it is important that you take a good look at the reviews you have received. If you don’t look before you leap (or respond), you could end up getting yourself into a bit of trouble.

So, here are our tips for effectively evaluating your TripAdvisor reviews before taking any additional action.

Set up a schedule to check your reviews

Whether you prefer to check on your reviews weekly, monthly, or quarterly (this will likely depend on the volume you receive), we recommend setting up a system to help you remember when it’s time to check them out. Having a set schedule in place will help you stay on top of both positive and negative reviews, which will help you manage your online presence much better than if you were to just look at and respond to reviews sporadically.

Reviews - Manage - CTA

Decide whether or not the reviews are real

Most of the time, you can tell right off the bat if a review is real or fake. A fake one might be riddled with spelling, grammar, and sensical errors, or it might just be so vague it has to be fraudulent. Usually, a real review will be obvious because it will reference your employees by name or other specifics you can easily point out. Of course, some fake reviews might be a little harder to spot, so be diligent when reading through all of them.

Consult your records to fish out fake reviews

If you have some reviews that you think might be fraudulent, you can find out for sure simply by checking your records. You can see if “Amy F.” really did come in on that Sunday in March she referenced in her review. Cross-check details like those to decide which reviews are fake—it should be pretty easy as long as you deep clean, detailed records of services rendered.

Step 3: Respond to Reviews Quickly

As you check out your TripAdvisor reviews (based on that handy schedule you set up), now is the time for you to respond. That’s why a schedule helps—it keeps you proactive and accountable and ensures no reviews slip through the cracks.

Responding to reviews in a timely manner is highly recommended. This way, your customers who took the time out to write one for you feel appreciated and heard. Even if the review is negative, it is still very much in your best interest to respond quickly. (It helps you control the narrative and potentially make amends.)

When responding to negative reviews, some tips to keep in mind:

  • Acknowledge the issue
  • Apologize
  • Provide an explanation if necessary
  • Compensate the reviewer appropriately
  • Invite them to take the conversation offline

Of course, the conversation will go a little different when you’re replying to positive reviews. For the great reviews customers leave you, here’s our advice:

  • Thank the reviewer
  • Keep it short
  • Be personal and authentic
  • Invite the reviewer to share/take action
  • Share the positive review

Keeping these tips in mind will help you handle just about every type of TripAdvisor review that comes your way. Especially since you want to respond in a timely fashion, you might realize it’s easier to work off a couple templates and interchange information as needed. We’ve created these review response templates to help you get started.

Step 4: If Fake, Flag the Review for Removal

Review report example

Once you’ve evaluated and replied to most of the reviews, it’s time to take care of those pesky fake reviews. If you’re pretty sure a review is fake, you will have to report it to TripAdvisor via your Management Center. Make sure you take a look at TripAdvisor’s guidelines to ensure it violates them before you report the review.

Here’s how to report a suspicious review:

  1. Log into your Management Center
  2. Click the “Reviews” tab
  3. Select the “Report a Review” option
  4. From there, you need to scroll to find a section titled “Concerned about a review?”
  5. Once you find the section, click the link titled “See our guidelines and submit your comments”
  6. You will be taken to a form where you will select the suspicious review and express your reasoning behind reporting the review
  7. Outline any of the evidence you discovered when checking your records

After following all these steps, the TripAdvisor support team will take a look at the review in question and hopefully take it down. Having as much documentation for your argument as possible will help make sure the review is taken down, though there is no guarantee that it will be removed after you report it.

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Step 5: Contact TripAdvisor Support

If you think it is necessary, you can also contact TripAdvisor’s support team to help move the process along. Their public customer support number is 1 (781) 800-5000, but it is said businesses with a TripAdvisor account are given a separate support phone number, so look around your Management Center to see if you can’t find a more direct communication line. Calling and talking with a representative may help your chances of speeding up the review removal process.

Another proactive step to help save your online reputation is to keep gaining positive reviews—they will drown out the negative/fake ones over time.

Step 6: How to Get More TripAdvisor Reviews

get more tripadvisor reviews

Even if you cannot get fraudulent or malicious reviews removed, not all is lost. In fact, 73%of consumers consider reviews older than three months irrelevant—so that’s great news if you’ve got a few bad eggs in the batch.

To help drown out those lackluster reviews, stay diligent in garnering more positive reviews. Here are some of the best tips from our article on getting more online reviews:

  • Ask for reviews immediately following a purchase or service rendered
  • Ask when the customer is happiest
  • Explain to the customer how reviews benefit them
  • Request reviews during invoicing
  • Reach out to repeat customers (your loyal fans)
  • Have TripAdvisor links on your website
  • Ask via snail mail
  • Ask your newsletter subscribers
  • Add links in your email signature

The list goes on and on for creative ways to ask for reviews with customer feedback forms, but the key is to ask customers you think are satisfied with your service/product. Clearly, those receiving your e-newsletters or buying from you often are the customers that enjoy what you’re doing.

Following these steps to remove fake TripAdvisor reviews and get more reviews can help you better control your online presence and hopefully bring in even more business.

Step 7: Manage Online Reviews

As a travel business owner, you are so focused on running your company that it can be hard to stay on top of checking your online reviews on all review platforms like Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

Using a reputation management tool like Broadly allows you to check and respond to all of these platforms in one place. Also, the Broadly platform can help in automating asking and promoting customers positive reviews to all of these platforms.

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Carpet Cleaning Marketing Tips

Carpet Cleaning Marketing Ideas, Tips, and Lead Gen Strategies

As a carpet cleaner, you know that a lot of people in your area need your services. Everyone needs their carpet cleaned every now and then! However, just because there’s a lot of demand doesn’t mean you have the market cornered. In fact, we’d be willing to bet you are not the only carpet cleaning service in your town. With that being said, you are probably wondering how to get a leg up on the competition.

The answer is marketing. Without any marketing strategies in place, you are leaving your business to chance, which isn’t the most efficient way to run a company. If you’re ready to grow your carpet cleaning business and get more customers, check out the below marketing initiatives we recommend you try.

Carpet Cleaning Marketing Tips

  1. Build your online presence
  2. Focus on local search results
  3. Seek Referrals and Partnerships
  4. Paid Advertising
  5. Run Promotions
  6. Collect Customer Reviews


Tip #1: Build Your Online Presence

Even though you are most concerned with attracting local business, that doesn’t mean you should ignore the web. All those people in your town are also online looking up businesses—even if they are just down the street! Just a bit over 70% of people feel the need to search for local businesses online before actually going to them, so not having an online presence is a big missed opportunity, even for locally focused companies.

Company Website

Having a website is pretty much like having an online office, and when you consider just how many people go online—approximately 290 million American people alone—you will realize just how important it is to be in front of all those eyes. Your website is where you can showcase amazing testimonials, list your services and pricing, and answer any questions weary customers might have.

Company Blog

Many companies do not use their blogs effectively. An effective blog would ideally be updated at least twice a week with educational content that is actually helpful to readers. Using your company blog solely to promote your company and your services is not how to do it. People reading the blog don’t want to feel like they’re being sold to; they’re coming to your blog because they believe it has helpful information that they can use.

When you provide useful information to your readers, you start to become an industry leader. Your readers will learn to trust your carpet cleaning expertise, and thus, when it comes time to purchase carpet cleaning services, guess who they’ll turn to first? You, the expert that they’ve come to trust.

Company Social Accounts

Did you know seventy-one percent of consumers who have a positive experience with a company on social are more likely to recommend that company to others? Social media is a fantastic customer feedback tool for companies, and it helps you listen to your customers. Depending on which social platform your audience uses the most—Facebook is geared towards an older crowd and Instagram is best for millennials—you can really use your account to market your services, reach new customers, and solve any issues.

Tip #2: Focus on Local Search Results

Carpet Cleaning Local Search

Because you probably want to market your carpet cleaning business to your local neighbors, it’s important that you learn a little about local search results online. This means focusing on improving your rankings in the local search results when someone searches for a keyword phrase such as “carpet cleaning in Kansas City” on Google.

Improving your local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rankings means making use of your website. Basically, the more quality content you have on your website, the better chance you have of showing up in Google search queries. Our advice is that you create separate website pages for the various services you offer—this way, you can set up each page to rank for specific keyword phrases. Amping up your local search results is a savvy way to corner the local market, and once you set it up, your work is pretty much done!

One other very important part of your business’s local SEO is whether or not you’re listed on nearby directories. Websites like your city’s chamber of commerce often have helpful directories—getting your company listed as a go-to resource is a huge plus. Additionally, when other websites link to your website, it also helps your SEO ranking. Be sure to capitalize on many of the big directory platforms such as Facebook and Google business citations where you publish all the useful info about your company (phone number, address, etc.).

Tip #3: Seek Referrals and Partnerships

Word-of-mouth referrals are hugely important for small businesses. Your business thrives on the neighbor-to-neighbor chats that result in new business for you. Just imagine what would happen to your customer base if you expanded that amount of referrals across town? Seeking out partnerships with other local companies similar to your industry (but not competitors) could be a mutually beneficial situation that will boost both of your companies’ sales. Perhaps you might partner with a house rental company—they can refer new renters to use your services. You can also leave business cards at local establishments that display them.

Additionally, you can boost your word-of-mouth referrals by offering a discount for those who refer new customers. To set up a successful customer referral program consider using a resource like this one.

Tip #4: Collect Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Our last tip for you today is to focus on getting more customer reviews. Reviews or testimonials are a very effective way to earn potential new customers’ trust before they even interact with you. Think of reviews as the modern-age referral—eighty-four-percent of people trust online reviews just as much as a personal recommendation from a friend!

So, how do you get more reviews? Simply enough, all you need to do is ask! If you ask for a review from a customer immediately following their carpet cleaning, you are much more likely to receive a positive review. That’s because asking when the customer is happy is key—you wouldn’t ask an angry customer to leave you a review, would you?

Whether you have your reviews directly on your website or you use Facebook or Yelp to gather customer feedback, the outcome is the same: reviews will help you bring in more business (even if some are negative). Though you can’t outrightly ask for Yelp reviews (their policy requires a more nuanced approach), you can ask for reviews on any other platform. If you’re having trouble wondering how to word your ask, we’ve formulated these customizable templates to help you write the perfect email asking for reviews. Just remember that there are no-nos to asking for reviews.

What not to do to get more online reviews

Tip #5: Paid Advertising

Carpet Cleaning Paid Ads

Though organic customer acquisition is effective, that doesn’t always mean you should ignore paid advertising. If you are smart about where you spend your ad dollars, you can have an amazing return on your investment. One of the most popular and effective online advertising strategies is opting into the Google Adwords program. Basically, when you create your Google Ad for your company, you can choose which keywords it can show up for. Then, when someone searches those keywords, your ad automatically shows up at the top, regardless of your SEO.

Google Ads are a simple way to supplement your visibility. All you need to get started is a Google Adwords account, and within minutes, you can create your ad within the platform. You just set up your budget, and follow the steps to make your ad.

Another savvy online ad strategy is Facebook advertisements. When you run a promotion on Facebook, you are able to target very specific types of customers. You can choose the location, age, gender, and interests of your preferred audience to help ensure your ad is being seen by the right kinds of people who may need your services. And, many businesses will vouch that FB ads are a very low cost for the results. As long as you have a Facebook Business Page, you can start a paid promotion at any time, and depending on your budget, you choose how long it runs.

When your Facebook ad is over, there’s one more step we recommend you take—this is where the real success happens. There is a tool called retargeting on the Facebook promotions platform that allows you to retarget people who may have clicked on your ad but did not purchase anything or take additional actions. Since you know these people are already interested in your services, retargeting them with another, a different ad can help drive that sale home. To create a great retargeting ad campaign, take a look at this tutorial.


Tip #6: Run Promotions

To market your carpet cleaning business, you can try to run promotions for special events. Offering sporadic discounts to customers via email newsletters or in-store sales will motivate on-the-fence buyers to take the plunge. Some of our favorite ways to offer promotions are as follows:

  • Loyalty cards: provide punch cards to customers that reward them after a chosen number of purchases
  • Birthday discount
  • First-time discount
  • Contests: either on social media or in conjunction with your referral program, you can run a contest that benefits your business way more than the cost of the “prize” will impact it
  • Holidays: take advantage of the buying frenzy that is Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the entire holiday season
  • Special local events


Even if you employ just a few of these marketing tactics at first, we think you will start to see an upswing in business. Hopefully, you’ve found this post useful for your carpet cleaning business.