5 Good customer service feedback examples you can learn from

Great customer service takes your business to the next level, and ensure your success. Your product and price can be amazing, but without making your customer feel valued, you can lose out on tons of repeat business and referrals. Especially in the digital age, if someone has a bad customer experience with your company, they will not hesitate to bad mouth you online (even if it is funny). Wouldn’t you rather your customers rave about you to all their friends? More than half of consumers spend more money with brands they’re loyal to, so keeping them happy, keeps them coming back.

Your customer service staff is the face of your company. Whether or not you train them correctly can truly make or break your business. Below we will show you some amazing examples of customer service so you can see what it looks like when it’s done right. No matter what industry you’re in, you are still in the business of customer service.

Example 1: The jetBlue Chief People Officer

Screen Shot 2018 04 04 at 4.12.04 PM

JetBlue is often commended for solving problems quickly via Twitter—a genius customer service vehicle, by the way—but the airline’s legendary People Officer is even more impressive. There was one incident where JetBlue was testing out a new system and asked passengers show up two hours too early to their flight. To help alleviate passengers’ grievances, the Chief People Officer was on the flight and held rounds of trivia to give away about a dozen free plane tickets to the airline’s participating cities. The stunt received tons of publicity, and in a time when some airlines are getting a lot of flack, JetBlue is just rising above the rest simply by thinking about their customers.

Example 2: Google express fixes shipping issue

This is a personal example. I recently ordered a couple of vinyl records from the new Google Express, which has partnered with Walmart to be a rival to Amazon Prime with two-day shipping. After receiving shipping tracking information, I patiently waited for my records to arrive. As promised, a package arrived in a few days—but there was only one record in it. When checking my emails to see the issue, I realized it the second vinyl was in fact supposed to be in the same package.

I looked for a solution to my email from Google Express. There, in plain sight, was a “Contact Us” option. I clicked it, and I was taken to a live chat window. I expressed my issue to the customer service rep I was chatting with, provided my order number, and that was it. The rep realized my vinyl was stuck at FedEx location, and he/she fixed the issue—the package arrived just a day or two later.

google support

Not only was the experience seamless and painless, but, for my troubles (without me even asking), the rep provided me with a discount code for my next order. The email with the 15% off code said, “Sorry to hear about your recent bumpy experience with Google Express,” which was incredibly refreshing. They admitted they made a mistake and sweetened the deal to make the hassle worth it. A “bravo” moment in my book, this tactic is simple enough for any company (no matter how small) to keep customers happy and coming back.

Example 3: The CVS good samaritan vans

CVS Customer Service Feedback Example

You might not think of CVS, the drug store chain when you see a stranded motorist on the side of the highway, but after reading this example, maybe you will. One woman tells Consumerist that she got a flat tire on a busy highway in Washington D.C. She called her husband, but he was going to be a while until he could get there. Then, within minutes, a CVS Good Samaritan Van pulled up.

She said to Consumerist: “The gentleman, Ernie, introduced himself and got right down to business to put on my spare. He even apologized for being tied up with another driver farther back. He told me I could call my husband and tell him not to worry. Five minutes later, my tire was fixed and I was on my way. CVS only asks that you fill out a postage-paid comment card. Because of this service, I will definitely be shopping at CVS more often. Thanks to CVS and to Ernie, who helped me out of a jam on Southbound 395.”

Who knew Samaritan vans were even a thing? CVS gets major points for this strategy because they are reaching people who may not even shop at CVS. Their cause is rooted in genuine caring for others, which is a big draw for people. People want to shop somewhere they feel valued and cared about.

Example 4: Warby Parker’s train mystery

Though this example may be a little tougher to replicate on an everyday basis, it’s a great example of how far some companies go to ensure their customers are completely enamored with them. Warby Parker, a disruptor in the eyewear industry, has revolutionized the eyewear buying industry by allowing customers to try on their glasses before buying them.

Perhaps their most famous customer service story comes from a man who left his beloved Warby Parker readers on the train. Luckily for him, he was unknowingly sitting near Warby Parker’s General Counsel, Anjali Kumar. Here’s what the man posted on Facebook about his experience (notice how many consumers take to social media to share their good/bad experiences with a company!).

warby parker

Such a heartwarming story is incredible PR for the brand, but their entire model reflects that same type of customer service. By allowing customers to try-on five pairs of glasses at a time at home without paying a dime is a very generous feature that puts the customer first. Everyone knows buying glasses online could be difficult, so Warby Parker helps you find the perfect fit. There are multiple resources on the website as well to help you find the eyewear shape best suited for you. This customer feedback example is just a testament to the entire culture at the startup-turned-industry-leader.

Source: Forbes

Example #5: Trader Joe’s saves Christmas

For our final example of exceptional customer service, we turn our attention to grocery store chain Trader Joe’s. The following story was shared on Reddit:

Screen Shot 2018 04 02 at 10.25.35 AM

Not only is this story totally “aww”-inducing, but it just goes to show that, sometimes, you have to break the rules. Even for a corporate company, the store decided to take matters into its own hands for the sake of one customer. The fact that Trader Joe’s delivered the food and paid for it despite never doing either of those things regularly is what makes this act of kindness so remarkable.

And, per usual, we see that the experience was shared online, on Reddit, where 3,102 people “up-voted” it. Good news travels fast—your wonderful customer service, even if just towards one person, does not go unnoticed.


If these examples made you say “wow,” then you can see just how impactful great customer service can be. Just imagine if one of these stories was about your company! There are so many creative ways to create an outstanding customer experience, and these five examples are prime starting points for you to think on. Keep your customers happy, and you’ll have business coming in for a very long time.

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