The Best Review Websites for Local Service Businesses

Online reviews nowadays work as modern-day word of mouth for small businesses, and have the ability to make or break a company’s reputation. With so many review websites out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed—from Yelp to Google, the options seem endless. 

That’s where Broadly can help your business. With Broadly, businesses can streamline the process, gather feedback, and respond promptly to reviews, ensuring they shine brightly in the vast sea of online opinions.

Are you curious about what review websites you should consider using to promote your local service business? Then keep reading as we take a look at some of the best review websites you should be using get your business seen.

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The Power of Online Reviews

Online reviews wield incredible power over both consumer behavior and business reputations. They act as comments, digital stamps of approval, and warning signs to stay away.

Reviews are so important that a whopping 95% of consumers read online reviews before even thinking about making a purchase, and 49% trust them as much as personal recommendations! This shows just how important online reviews are in managing the success of your business—even a one-star difference in rating could sway your business’ revenue!

Positive reviews build trust and credibility, while negative ones can tarnish a reputation quicker than you can say “refund.” With opinions easily reachable with just a click, businesses need to stay on top of online reviews to truly thrive in the marketplace.

Top Review Websites Every Small Business Should Know

Trying to decide what review website your business will get the most reach on? Each has its own unique selling point, and depending on the service your business provides, some will work better than others. You don’t need a presence on every site, but here’s a list of some of the major players:

Google Business Profile (GBP)

As one of the most widely used search engines, Google can be a powerhouse for businesses. What’s great about Google is that it’s not just a search engine; Google Business Profile provides a platform for companies to manage their online presence, including reviews.

If you really want to succeed, you can use GBP to keep your business information up to date, increase your web traffic, and engage with customers online. GBP is a powerhouse review site, as it influences local search rankings and showcases information like hours, contact details, and photos that any potential customer would want to know.

If you own a restaurant, then having a GBP could be the difference between customers stopping in for a meal or going to a local fast food restaurant. Make sure you have your menu and photos of your food on your profile to show patrons exactly what they’ll get when they come in for dinner.


With over two billion active users, Facebook is the #1 social networking site in the world. But it’s not just for social networking; its review feature allows businesses to build trust and engagement with their audience through posts, comments, recommendations, and ads.

Facebook’s review feature is a little different than, say, GBP. Reviews can only be left by registered users, and rather than giving a company a star rating of one to five, clients are asked, “Do you recommend this business?” After choosing yes or no, users can include comments and photos.


Yelp is synonymous with online reviews and is great for local, organic search—it’s so great that Bing and Yahoo have gotten rid of their own review features and integrated Yelp into their platforms.

It’s an easy-to-use, go-to review website for consumers seeking opinions on restaurants, local services, and more. It has no character minimum but has a max of 5,000 characters. It also gives users 30 days to change their review.

Yelp’s review system, complete with ratings and detailed feedback, can be a great place for businesses in the hospitality and service industries to make themselves known. It also has strict policies in place to ensure the reviews are authentic and accurately reflect the customer’s experience.

It’s the perfect platform for businesses that require reservations or appointments because it has a booking feature that can be incorporated into your Yelp page. You can also set up an advertising campaign to help boost listings to the top of search results marked as “Sponsored Results.”


Trustpilot is known for its focus on consumer trust and transparency—bonus: it’s free for users and businesses to use. When a customer completes a transaction with a business, they are invited to leave a review that comes with instructions on the review process.

Trustpilot’s emphasis on verified reviews and ratings makes it valuable for e-commerce businesses looking to build trust with potential customers.


Formerly known as Angie’s List, Angi is a trusted review website for home service providers. It’s a go-to resource for homeowners looking for reputable contractors, plumbers, and other service providers. Angi’s subscription-based model ensures that businesses listed on the platform are serious about maintaining quality and customer satisfaction. 

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

The BBB has been a symbol of trust and integrity for decades. It’s a non-profit organization that aims to advance marketplace trust by accrediting businesses and providing consumer education. BBB ratings and reviews help businesses establish credibility and demonstrate their commitment to ethical practices. 

Business owners who want to have a listing on the BBB need to apply for it. Once the listing is created, owners can claim it and add more information to it. BBB accredits businesses that meet their standard practices and gives them a rating on a scale from A to F.

On a BBB page, anyone can post a review and rate a business from one to five stars. The page also displays a complete record of past complaints and their resolution status, which can impact the business’s accreditation status. 


Foursquare combines social networking with location-based services, making it a unique review website for businesses in the hospitality and retail sectors. While any user can create a listing, only business owners can claim these listings to become authorized page managers. Chain establishments also have the option to manage their locations individually or as one brand.

Users can leave tips, recommendations, and reviews, providing valuable insights for businesses aiming to attract local customers.

Merchant Circle

Merchant Circle is a platform specifically designed for small businesses looking to connect with their local communities, with the option to privately message a business instead of posting a public review. Potential customers can also use it to find the best local option based on price. It offers features like business listings, reviews, and marketing tools tailored to help small businesses thrive in their neighborhoods.

MerchantCircle provides paid marketing features, analytics, and the ability to claim listings across other web listings for uniform search results.


Superpages is an online directory that helps users find local businesses and services by organizing search results by relevance, ratings, or distance and then categorizing them by specialty. With its review feature, businesses can showcase their online reputation and reliability to potential customers searching for products or services in their area.


Manta is a platform that focuses on promoting small businesses and helping them grow—its slogan is even “The Place for Small Businesses.” Businesses can create and personalize their listings for free. Manta also offers paid marketing features, including running ads on Manta, website design services, and claiming listings across the web.


PlanetRate is a global review platform that covers a wide range of businesses and services—if you can’t find your industry, they’ll even create a category to get your business listed. Its diverse user base and comprehensive review system make it valuable for businesses looking to reach a global audience and receive feedback from customers worldwide.

PlanetRate has set up specific filters to help consumers find exactly what they are looking for. The customer reviews also assist the consumers in their search as they provide specific criteria ratings such as affordability and the cleanliness of facilities.


DealerRater is a specialized review website for the automotive industry and has coined itself the “gold standard.” It allows customers to share their experiences with car dealerships, helping other car buyers make informed decisions.

Their review feature lets anyone leave a review as long as they’re not employed or affiliated with the business currently or in the last 5 years. Consumers can leave a star rating, select an employee, and indicate what department their feedback is for.

It also lets dealers auto-filter monitor content and eliminate spam, and even report reviews that go against guidelines. It will also notify you if you’ve received a negative review so you can take action right away.


Thumbtack is a review site that connects customers with local professionals for various services, from home improvement to event planning. Its review system helps businesses showcase their expertise and reliability, making it easier for customers to find and hire them.


HomeAdvisor is a great platform for home service professionals, connecting homeowners with contractors, plumbers, and other service providers. Its review feature allows homeowners to share their experiences and help others find trustworthy professionals for their projects.


Healthgrades is a trusted resource for finding healthcare providers and facilities. Its review system allows patients to share feedback about their experiences with doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare professionals, helping others make informed decisions about their care.


Avvo is a review website specifically designed for the legal industry. It provides listings of lawyers and legal professionals, along with reviews and ratings from clients. Avvo’s comprehensive profiles and peer endorsements help individuals find the right legal representation for their needs.


Houzz is a popular platform for home design and remodeling enthusiasts. Its review feature allows homeowners to share feedback about architects, interior designers, and contractors, helping others find professionals for their home improvement projects.


RateMDs is a review website focused on healthcare providers, including doctors, dentists, and specialists. Patients can leave ratings and reviews based on their experiences, helping others find high-quality medical care.


Zocdoc is a platform that simplifies the process of finding and booking appointments with healthcare providers. Its review feature allows patients to share feedback about their experiences, making it easier for others to find and choose the right provider for their needs. is a platform for finding caregivers for children, seniors, pets, and more. Its review system allows families to share their experiences with caregivers, helping others find trustworthy and reliable help for their loved ones.


Vitals is a comprehensive platform for finding and researching healthcare providers. Its review feature allows patients to share feedback about their experiences with doctors, dentists, and other healthcare professionals, helping others make informed decisions about their care.


HomeStars is a platform that connects homeowners with home service professionals, including contractors, plumbers, and electricians. Its review system helps homeowners find trusted professionals for their home improvement projects based on real customer experiences.


Porch is a platform that helps homeowners find and connect with home service professionals. Its review feature allows homeowners to share feedback about their experiences with contractors, making it easier for others to find reliable help for their projects.

The Challenges of Managing Multiple Review Sites

Monitoring and responding to reviews across different review websites can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive task for small business owners. With the multitude of review sites available, from Google Business Profile to Yelp to Facebook, keeping track of feedback requires constant attention.

Not only do you have to read the reviews, but you also need to craft thoughtful responses that show appreciation for positive feedback and address concerns raised in negative reviews. This means spending a lot of time and effort just to maintain a positive online reputation.

Simplifying Your Online Reputation Management with Broadly

Broadly offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline the review management process for businesses of all sizes. With its intuitive platform, businesses can effortlessly gather and manage customer feedback across various review platforms.

Monitor review websites with Broadly

One of Broadly’s standout features is its ability to automate review responses, saving businesses valuable time and ensuring prompt engagement with customers. Through customizable response templates, businesses can maintain a consistent voice while addressing feedback, whether it’s a glowing review or constructive criticism.

Additionally, Broadly simplifies the task of collecting feedback from multiple review sites into a single dashboard, giving businesses a centralized hub for monitoring their online reputation. This collecting process not only saves time but also provides a holistic view of customer sentiment, which allows businesses to identify trends and areas for improvement more effectively.

Broadly’s tools go beyond review management to enhance businesses’ overall online visibility. By collecting and showcasing positive reviews, businesses can build trust and credibility with potential customers. Add to that how Broadly helps businesses optimize their online presence, ensuring that they rank higher in search engine results and stand out among competitors, and you’re sure to find something to help your business with Broadly.

Best Practices for Generating Positive Reviews

When it comes to generating positive review on review websites, small businesses can employ several actionable strategies to encourage happy customers to share their experiences:

  • Provide Exceptional Customer Services: By exceeding expectations and creating memorable interactions, businesses can increase the likelihood of receiving positive feedback. 
  • Proactively Request Reviews from Satisfied Customers: Whether through follow-up emails, in-store signage, or personalized requests, prompting customers to leave a review can significantly boost engagement.
  • Make It Easy for Customers to Leave Reviews: Provide clear instructions and direct links to review sites. Simplifying the process removes barriers and encourages more customers to share their feedback. 
  • Offer Incentives for Leaving a Review: Discounts or exclusive offers can be the carrot that can get customers talking. Use such incentives to motivate customers to take action and leave positive feedback.

Businesses need to make certain that they’re responding to both positive and negative reviews promptly. Acknowledging positive feedback shows appreciation for customers’ support and reinforces positive experiences. Conversely, addressing negative feedback demonstrates accountability and a commitment to resolving issues.

Broadly’s platform simplifies this process by automating review responses and collecting feedback from multiple review sites. By providing businesses with a centralized hub for managing reviews, Broadly enables them to maintain a positive online presence and build stronger relationships with customers. With these best practices and Broadly’s assistance, small businesses can cultivate a thriving online reputation and drive long-term success.


Review websites wield immense influence over consumer behavior and business reputations. Positive reviews can build trust, attract new customers, and boost revenue, while negative reviews can tarnish a business’s reputation and drive potential customers away. That’s where a comprehensive tool like Broadly can help.

Broadly offers a range of solutions designed to simplify the process of managing online reviews and maintaining a positive reputation. By leveraging Broadly’s platform, businesses can save valuable time and resources that would otherwise be spent manually monitoring and responding to reviews across various sites. Additionally, Broadly helps businesses improve their online presence by collecting feedback from multiple platforms into a centralized dashboard, making it easier to track and manage customer feedback.

Now is the time for you, as a business owner, to take control of your online reputation, and you can do it with Broadly! Take the first step toward better reputation management by signing up for a free demo today!

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