How to Get the Best Facebook Page Reviews with Examples

As a business owner, you’ve likely seen it: negative reviews tanking a business’ profit and customer relationships. Luckily, having multiple positive reviews sing the praise of a business can garner more customers and better customer loyalty. Not only that, but positive reviews also affect the online reputation a business has, especially if they are regularly responded to. 

Reviews act as testimonials from customers and can attract new customers while also lending credibility to a business. Nothing says customer-centric than a business that takes the time to respond to reviews! But how do you get the best Facebook page reviews, and what constitutes a good review?

Before we give you some ways to get better Facebook reviews, let’s take a look at some real-world success stories.

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Real-World Success Stories

While 5-star reviews can be nice, a review with detailed comments can be even better to draw in new customers. If you want an example, take these two Facebook Page reviews from a local plumber and auto repair shop:

best review for facebook page example 1

best review for facebook page example 2

Both of these reviews not only showcase the staff members of each business but also shine a light on the specific work that was done for them. This encourages other customers to reach out if they want similar services and also builds trust in the businesses and their employees.

Effective Facebook Page Review Examples

To be termed an effective review, certain criteria must be met. Let’s look at a few examples to see these criteria in action:

Details, Details, Details!

“[Business Name] is a great place to buy instruments from! Their selection of all kinds of instruments is extensive, and their showroom allows you to see and even try out the different models they have in stock. The staff was very friendly and professional and made my find really easy. I was looking for an electric piano with at least a 4-octave range and plug-ins for headphones so my kids could play without distractions, and I found the perfect model that checked all the boxes. The next time I need an instrument, I’ll be back!”

Reviews that contain lots of details, such as the services provided and the benefits they received from the business, help highlight what potential customers can also receive from the business in question. It also lends a more genuine feel to the review, making it that much more special.

Hearing that this reviewer had a goal in mind that was met lets other potential customers know that if they too have a specific model they want to buy, they can find knowledgeable staff to help them—and can even try it out in the showroom before making their purchase.

Who Helped You?

“The restaurant was amazing, and it was made all the more so by our waitress Bonnie. She took great care of us and checked in often, and even though we came at rush time she was very attentive to our needs and apologized for taking so long to get back to us (it wasn’t that long!). If she’s working I definitely recommend trying out [Restaurant Name], she’ll make it worth the trip!”

Reviews that feature the name of the employee who provided such stellar service not only help potential customers know who to ask for but also let businesses know who is doing well at their job. This can lead to stronger customer loyalty as well as act as a pick-me-up for the employee!

The Service You Want

“I know next to nothing about buying beds, and [Business Name] helped me find exactly what I needed. Paul was very informative and patient, and let us try out lots of mattresses based on our feedback. He even took our price range into the equation and found us the perfect mattress for the both of us. Thanks for your help Paul!”

Effective reviews highlight the customer service aspect of any business with flair. Work that goes “above and beyond” or against the norm (such as trying to upsell) lends a human element to the business that can be endearing to potential and current customers. Everyone just wants great customer service, so reviews that shine a spotlight on that aspect of past service are highly effective in drawing in a larger customer base.

We See You!

“I got my hair cut and colored by Tracy the other day and she did such a great job! She took what I wanted and seemed to read my mind perfectly and gave me exactly what I wanted, and she was great to chat with throughout the process. She was worth having to get off work a little early to come see, 10/10! – Jamie

Hi Jamie, we’re so glad Tracy could give you the haircut of your dreams! She’s thinking about opening up evening hours on weekdays, so we’ll make sure she knows to contact you when she does so you don’t have to take off any more work to come see her again!”

Nothing says effective customer service and a customer-centric mentality more than reviews that have replies from the business. Even if the reviews are negative, they can be responded to professionally and with concern, turning a negative into a positive. Positive reviews that are acknowledged also show customers that a business really cares about receiving feedback of all sorts, which encourages them to leave their own reviews.

Here are some further tips on responding to reviews:

Encouraging Meaningful Customer Feedback

Want raving reviews for your business? Don’t just sit there hoping for the best—take charge! Try the following tips:

  • Deliver Amazing Service: Happy customers are your best advertisers. The better your service is, the more positive feedback you’ll receive. Even if you get negative feedback, take it as a learning moment—and make certain you respond! Let your customer service extend to your reviews, and customers will appreciate you going the extra mile.
  • Make the Process Easy: Customers are more encouraged to sing your praises when it isn’t hard for them to do so. Streamline the review process by sending direct links or QR codes.
  • Have Good Timing: Ask for reviews when the positive vibes are fresh. Post-purchase or after a successful service, strike while the iron is hot!
  • Incentivize Feedback: Offer discounts, exclusive access, or loyalty points, and be careful not to be pushy in the offering. If customers get something beyond just being acknowledged for leaving a review, such as a discount, they’re much more likely to come back to your business for more.
  • Be Honest: Honesty is the best policy, so don’t beg for 5 stars. Instead, ask for genuine feedback. Engage with your customers by showing appreciation for their time and opinions. Respond to reviews, positive or negative. It’s not just about the good stuff—it’s about building trust and credibility.
  • Utilize Social Media: Encourage reviews on platforms your customers frequent, such as Facebook or Instagram. Create a buzz, and watch those stars align. Make your business a review-worthy sensation! Tip: How to Request a Review on Facebook.

There’s no better way to build customer loyalty and credibility for your business than by having positive Facebook reviews. Responding to them can take you one step further, and asking for reviews by offering incentives and making the process easy to complete can get you that many more.

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