How to Leave a Review on Facebook

Before visiting a business, most Facebook users look them up on Facebook to check their reviews. Customer reviews across platforms such as Yelp and Google show what past customers say about a business, offering social proof that you provide a good product or service. This makes managing a positive online presence an essential aspect of running a small or local business in the modern age.

Discover the difference between Facebook reviews and recommendations in this step-by-step guide on how to leave a review on Facebook.

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What Are Facebook Reviews vs. Recommendations?

Facebook reviews and recommendations allow users to leave reviews on business pages. For years, Facebook used a traditional review system using a five-star review scale and an optional space for a comment supporting the given star rating. In 2018, however, they updated the star rating system to “Recommendations,” which asks users if they recommend a business, yes or no.

Facebook Reviews

Reviews on Facebook used a five-star rating and the option to leave an accompanying comment. Anyone could like and comment on reviews. Existing star ratings and Facebook reviews are still available for social media users to see, and Facebook will continue to display them; however, you can no longer leave a traditional review with a star ranking.

Facebook Recommendations

Recommendations are an updated version of reviews on Facebook. The current “Review” tab does not show five-star ratings. Instead, it tells social media users whether their social network recommends a business. 

When users click the “Reviews” tab, Facebook sends them to the “Recommendations” feature, which asks, “Do you recommend (Business name)?” Users respond yes or no and can add tags, photos, or a written recommendation. Facebook intends for recommendations to be more personal and allows users to see what friends in their network think of local businesses. All you need to know is that, in effect, reviews and recommendations on Facebook are one and the same. 

For the purpose of this article, and to avoid confusion, we will refer to reviews and recommendations as “reviews”, as some users might still call recommendations by their former name. 

Why Are Reviews on Facebook Important for Businesses?

Facebook reviews play an important role in the success of local businesses. Let’s look deeper into why they matter, with some examples to help along the way:

Enhance Online Presence

Think of reviews on Facebook as your business’s online billboard. More reviews mean more people can find you, just like how a well-lit sign on a popular street attracts passersby. For example, if you run a café and receive glowing reviews, say, for your lattes and friendly staff, people searching for a great coffee spot in town are more likely to discover and choose yours. That’s the kind of thing we are talking about.

Build Trust

Trust is truly a precious commodity—with that being said, positive reviews on Facebook are kind of like trust-building blocks. When someone leaves a heartfelt review praising your products or services, it’s akin to a friend recommending your business. Just as you’d trust a pal’s opinion about whether or not to go see a movie, potential customers trust these reviews to gauge whether or not to do business with you.

Customer Engagement

Customer reviews create an opportunity for direct and meaningful communication. When customers share their thoughts, it’s quite similar to having a conversation. You can respond to their reviews on Facebook, just as you would chat with friends (just a little more professional). This interaction shows your customers that you value their opinions and appreciate their feedback.

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Social Proof

On social media, we are often drawn to what everyone else is talking about, and reviews on Facebook provide that extra nudge. When you see a product with lots of positive reviews, it’s like a group of friends giving it the seal of approval. For instance, if you’re looking for a new smartphone and find one with many five-star reviews talking about its great camera and long battery life, you’re more likely to choose that model over another.

Improve SEO

Consider reviews as your website’s hypemen. The more reviews you have, the more prominent Google will find you, and the higher your website will rank in search results. This means more and more people will likely visit your business online.

Valuable Feedback

Reviews on Facebook aren’t just compliments—they’re also a great source of feedback. They provide insights on how you can improve your operations or products. Suppose you own a clothing store, and customers leave reviews asking for a more extensive range of sizes. This feedback helps you make informed decisions to better serve your customers.

Competitive Edge

In a sea of similar businesses, a collection of great reviews is like a beacon guiding customers directly to you. It differentiates your business from others, making potential customers more likely to choose you. With a reputation built on positive reviews, your business can stand out and secure a larger share of the market.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Good reviews on Facebook can be the starting point of a chain reaction. One friend reads your reviews, decides to visit, and tells another friend about how great you are. Before you know it, this word-of-mouth marketing multiplies your customer base.

Customer Loyalty

Responding to reviews isn’t just about appreciation—it’s about building relationships. When you thank a customer for a positive review, it’s like inviting them to become a part of your brand’s community. Over time, this engagement fosters loyalty and long-term connections.

Monitor Customer Satisfaction

Think of reviews on Facebook as a barometer for customer happiness. They provide a continuous stream of feedback about how well your business is meeting the needs of your valued customers. You can use this feedback to refine your services and ensure your customers are always satisfied.

For example, if you run a tech support business and consistently receive reviews mentioning fast response times, it reassures potential customers that they can count on your quick assistance.

In a nutshell, Facebook reviews serve as advocates for your business. They not only enhance your online visibility but also provide valuable feedback and set you apart from competitors. Take steps to improve and nurture your online presence, and it will pay you back tenfold.

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How Do I Leave a Review on Facebook?

Leaving a review impacts a business’s online reputation. The more customers that leave reviews on your business page, the more social trust you build with new potential customers. 

If a Facebook user has a friend ask for recommendations, they can write a comment and tag your Facebook business page. Customers can also leave reviews directly on your page. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to leave a review on Facebook. 

  • Log into Facebook
  • Go to the page of the business you want to review
  • Click the “Reviews” tab in the left-hand corner
  • Click “Yes” or “No” when prompted at the bottom of the page under “Do you recommend (Business name)?” 
  • Write a recommendation of up to 25 characters
  • Add tags or photos
  • Post the recommendation 

Where Do I Find Facebook Reviews?

Facebook has made it easy to find reviews all in one place. Follow these straightforward steps to see what customers think of your local business. 

  • Log into your business Facebook account
  • Click “Reviews” to navigate to the recommendations and reviews 

How Do I Respond to Facebook Reviews?

Respond to all reviews on Facebook to show customers you appreciate their feedback. When responding to positive reviews, you can simply like the review or write a quick reply, personalizing it to their name and getting specific when thanking them for their feedback. 

  • To respond to recommendations and reviews on your business Facebook account, you need to first log in to your account. 
  • Once you are logged in, navigate to the “Reviews” section of your page. Here, you will be able to see all the recommendations and reviews left by your customers. 
  • To respond to a particular review, simply click on it. You will now be able to see the details of the review, including any comments left by other users. 
  • To comment on the review, type your response in the comment box just like you would on any other Facebook post. 
  • Once you are done, click “Post” to publish the comment. 

It’s important to respond to reviews in a timely and professional manner to show your customers that you value their feedback and care about their opinions.

It’s a good idea to respond to negative reviews to show customers you care about their experience. When responding to a negative review, customize your response to the reviewer. Acknowledge their feedback, give them your business phone number or email address, and offer to work toward a solution outside of the reviews page. 

A customer might edit their initial negative review or leave a second review explaining how you handled the situation. Potential customers might see your effort, and a negative review could benefit your business. 

Are Reviews on Facebook Public?

Yes, Facebook reviews are public on a business page’s “Reviews” tab for anyone to see. They cannot be made private. 

Can I Delete or Edit My Facebook Reviews?

Only review authors can delete their reviews on Facebook. Business owners cannot delete individual comments, but you can report recommendations that go against the Facebook Community Standards

Sometimes Facebook takes down posts before you report them, and others will stay up even after Facebook admins review them. Facebook will review all reports and remove recommendations they deem to violate their rules. 

You can choose to disable the reviews tab of your Facebook business page by navigating to the “Settings” tab, clicking “Templates and Tabs and switching the “Reviews” section toggle from on to off. 

Taking down your reviews will also remove all positive reviews. If there are only a couple of negative or fake reviews on Facebook, it might be better to get more reviews from customers. There are several simple ways to ask customers to leave reviews:

  • Ask customers in person after they purchase something from your business
  • Send an email or text message with a direct link to your review page 
  • Place signs in your waiting room or lobby asking customers to leave a review and provide a QR code to your reviews page
  • Embed positive Facebook reviews on your website 
  • Offer an incentive to customers who check-in 

If you have enough positive reviews, the negative and fake ones will stand out as outliers. 

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How Do I Rate a Seller on Facebook?

Facebook goes beyond businesses and allows sellers to offer items on Facebook Marketplace where all Facebook users can see the post and interact with the seller. Buyers can only rate sellers after purchasing something or interacting with them. These are the steps to leaving a rating for a seller:

  • Log in to your Facebook account
  • Click the Marketplace tab
  • Next to the search icon at the top of the screen, click the person icon
  • Click “Buying” and find your chat with the seller
  • Click “Rate Seller”
  • You can rate the seller by choosing either a happy face or a sad face
  • If you would like, include the reason for your rating
  • Click “Done” to publish your rating

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