Broadly partner spotlight: Castrol and Bosch complete auto repair

When Bosch Car Service and Castrol partnered to bring joint-branded auto shops to Florida in October 2019, they expected to encounter opportunities and challenges. But what they didn’t anticipate was how integral Broadly would be in solving some of these challenges and helping them build a premium automotive network in the United States.

The pilot program — the first partnership of its kind in the United States from the two leading automotive brands — involved establishing a network of 25 dual-branded workshops across Orlando and Tampa. Castrol’s high-quality lubricants and Bosch’s expertise in auto parts and services were the obvious differentiators in this high-end concept. Additionally, as part of the premium maintenance experience, each shop began adopting modern, digitally enriched software and processes — including Broadly.

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At the start of the pilot, the Castrol Bosch team began using Broadly as a high-level tool to measure and evaluate the shops’ online reputations; specifically, they used Broadly’s Dashboard feature to track reviews, star ratings and NPS scores across the pilot’s entire network. But as the months went on and each of the shops started being onboarded to Broadly, it became apparent that its full suite of services — including Reviews, Web Chat, and Inbox — was helping individual shops drive new business and increase revenue.

“Shops absolutely loved the system,” said Emily Eastman, Strategic Partnerships Manager for Bosch, Automotive Aftermarket Division and Project Manager/Bosch representative within the pilot program. “They really liked how the Web Chat feature was so interactive, not to mention successful in converting website visitors into leads and then getting those visitors actually in the door.”

Eastman also said that Broadly’s reviews process, which made collecting positive reviews from happy customers a breeze, proved invaluable to individual shops’ day-to-day operations. Reviews on Google, Facebook, and other third party sites help shops get discovered more easily, build trust with potential customers, and bring in more new business.

And for the Castrol Bosch leadership team, having both a micro view into the shops’ operations contributed to the success of the pilot.

“We’re so used to looking at metrics from a very high level,” Eastman said. “But with Broadly we have the ability to actually zoom in see what customers are saying about their individual experiences in the reviews and make adjustments to improve the service and experience on the ground level.”

Great auto parts and expertise are essential for high quality auto service. But Castrol Bosch also knows that building trust with customers and providing exceptional customer experience is key to success, driving new business and retaining quality customers. And that’s where companies like Broadly, which focuses on helping businesses deliver meaningful customer experiences and build lifelong relationships, can help. Why does this matter? Because providing great customer experiences ensures that quality customers become lifelong customers, and establishing those relationships will help build your business’ legacy.

“Broadly is one of the only parts of the ecosystem we have that is end-customer focused,” Eastman said. “So hearing directly from those customers about their experience [through reviews] and using that feedback to improve upon the experience has been instrumental in proving the concept to and grow this program.”

No matter what happens next with the joint network, Broadly is looking forward to continuing to serve as a collaborative and supportive partner for years to come.

For more information about the joint-branded auto network, visit Castrol and Bosch Complete Auto Repair.

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