Broadly’s New Quotes & Invoices Features to Streamline Payables For Local Service Businesses

Generating, tracking, and following up on quotes and invoices you’ve sent to customers and potential customers can be a time-consuming process for local businesses. 

With Broadly’s new Invoices and Quotes features, it doesn’t have to be. 

With Broadly Quotes, you and your team members can create and send itemized quotes to communicate the cost of your services and scope of work to prospective customers so they can make an informed decision about their purchase.

Broadly Invoices streamlines the generation and delivery of itemized invoices. You can also easily track which invoices are paid, unpaid, void, or refunded and schedule automated reminders.

Keep reading to learn more about the key features and benefits of these valuable tools.

Key Benefits & Features of Broadly Quotes

If you haven’t digitized your quotes and invoices process yet, it’s likely you’re wasting a lot of precious time you could be using to do what you do best: provide an outstanding customer experience and engage with your potential customers.

With Broadly Quotes, you can quickly and easily send service quotes from anywhere you are via the Broadly app. That means your customers (or leads) aren’t sitting around waiting for you and potentially shopping for your competitors. Other key features include:

  • Unlimited line items
  • Text or email delivery
  • Quote reminders
  • Quote status tracker
  • Option to connect to Broadly Payments

Along with Broadly’s other helpful local business tools, Quotes streamlines the time-consuming administrative tasks so you can get back to doing what you truly love while reaping these benefits:

  • Improved customer communication: Easily communicate cost of goods, services, and labor before services begin to reduce miscommunication and customer dissatisfaction.
  • Customer convenience: Text quotes to prospective customers to make approving services a convenient, one-click process 
  • Track all quotes in one place: Efficiently track which quotes are accepted or denied and quickly follow up with customers right from the app.
  • Convert from quote to mobile invoice: Transfer the details and line items of accepted quotes into text-to-pay mobile invoices with a few simple clicks.
  • Strong integrations: Send quotes right from Broadly even if using another preferred payment or accounting software.

Key Benefits & Features of Broadly Invoices

Broadly Invoices allow business owners to send itemized invoices for services provided and receive payments via Broadly Payments which also offers customers the option to pay over time while you get paid in full. Other features include:

  • Unlimited line items
  • Text-to-pay mobile invoicing
  • Email invoicing
  • Invoice status tracker
  • Reminders for overdue payments

In addition to Broadly’s other outstanding features for local businesses, our Invoices feature helps your business:

  • Get paid faster: Send text-to-pay mobile invoices or email invoices shortly after services are completed.
  • Improve communication with clients: Share the individual cost of goods, services, and labor with itemized invoices.
  • Avoid late payments: Easily track which invoices are paid, unpaid, void, or refunded and quickly follow up with customers.
  • Get paid how you want: Choose from a range of payment vendors that align with your accounting setup.
  • Streamline payments: Send and receive payments from the Broadly app, even if don’t wish to use Broadly Payments.

Get Started with Broadly

Broadly helps businesses streamline their operations and grow strong, lasting relationships with every customer interaction. 

Our easy-to-use app enables businesses to get reviews from happy customers, track, and respond to feedback, and manage their online presence all in one place.

And now, with Broadly’s Invoices and Quotes features, we provide a straightforward invoicing and quoting process that saves you time and ensures customers are happy and you get paid for your work.

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