How to Increase Your Google Reviews

Online reviews are the lifeblood of your business’s public reputation. Among a myriad of platforms, Google reviews truly stand apart from the rest because of their ability to significantly influence customer choices and your overall credibility. If you’re wondering how to increase your Google reviews, you’re in the right place.

This guide presents 13 effective strategies to ramp up your review count, enhance your online presence, and drive customer trust.

Key Takeaways

  • Google Reviews Are Powerful: Online reviews are the makeup of your business’s virtual reputation, and Google reviews are like the leader of the pack. They affect what customers buy and how much they trust you.
  • People Trust Google Reviews: Google reviews aren’t just words on a screen; they’re real stories from customers. People use them to decide if they want to check out your business or not. Each review makes your business look trustworthy and gets more folks interested.
  • Make It Easy to Leave Reviews: This guide isn’t about making the gathering of reviews a full-time job. It’s about strategies you can incorporate into your day-to-day operations. We’ll talk about simple changes to make leaving a review simple—such as through invites by email or text. These tricks can help you get more genuine reviews and show potential customers that you’re awesome.

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Why It’s Important to Increase Your Reviews on Google

Before we dive into the strategies, let’s understand why Google reviews are worth your effort in the first place.

You see, reviews aren’t just fleeting words on a screen; they carry the weight of trust and authenticity. For example, would you reserve a room at a hotel with poor service or a history of bed bugs? Customers rely on Google reviews for insights into your business, making informed decisions based on the experiences of others. Every additional review contributes to building a solid foundation of credibility and attracting more loyal customers.

Google Business Profile Policies to Remember

While seeking to boost your Google reviews, we can’t gloss over Google’s policies. Fake engagement, such as buying reviews or using fabricated content, goes against Google’s guidelines and can even lead to penalties. To maintain your business’s integrity, focus on genuine strategies that encourage real customer feedback, like the ones listed below.

13 Strategies to Increase Google Reviews for Your Business

1. Make it Easy to Leave a Google Review

Simplify the process by shortening your Google review link into a readable format. Utilize URL shorteners or create QR codes that directly point customers to your listing.

Tools you can use to shorten URLs include:

Some great resources to generate QR codes include:


What is a QR Code?

It’s a kind of square-shaped, black-and-white picture that you can scan using your smartphone. When you scan it, you can find out more about a product or service. These special squares can hold stuff like links, coupons, event info, and other things people want to know about.

2. Ask For Reviews via Email 

Leverage your email communication to request reviews from recent customers. Include a direct link to your Google review page to make it convenient for them to leave feedback.

Here’s a template you can use right now:

Subject: Share Your Experience! Help Us Serve You Better.

Hi [Customer’s Name],

Let us know how we did today! It helps others know what we’re all about and allows us to serve you better.

Here’s how:

  1. Visit [Link to Your Google Business Page].
  2. Click “Write a Review.”
  3. Rate us and share your feedback.
  4. Hit “Post.”

Thanks for being part of the [Your Business Name] community. We appreciate your feedback!


The [Your Business Name] Team

3. Ask For Reviews via Text Message

Capitalize on the ubiquity of text messages to request reviews. Send a courteous text with a Google review link shortly after purchase, ensuring hassle-free engagement.

4. Include a Link on the Receipt 

Insert a call-to-action at the bottom of your physical or virtual receipts, encouraging customers to share their experiences on Google.

5. Display Signage at Your Business Location

Put up eye-catching signs or posters in your shop, inviting customers to share their thoughts and feedback online. Try to make the design bright and appealing to draw the eye, and don’t forget to include either a URL or QR code to make leaving a review on Google even easier.

6.  Add Review Links to Your Website

Enhance your online presence by integrating a direct link to your Google reviews on your website. These can be added in minutes—no coding required!

7. Create Flyers 

Design physical cards or flyers that contain a Google review link. Distribute them to customers when they check out. 

8. Display Google Reviews on Your Website

Showcase your positive reviews on your website. This not only boosts customer trust but also encourages more reviews. There are several easy-to-install plugins and widgets available for WordPress and other popular website hosting services. These methods take minutes and require no coding experience to embed on your website.

9. Ask Customers in Person for Google Reviews

Sometimes, it can feel awkward to ask a customer face-to-face if they could leave you a review on Google. One way you can navigate in-person reviews is to place Google-approved stickers around your business. Great places to stick them could be:

  • At the cash register
  • On dining tables or napkin dispensers
  • On your storefront window
  • Near the bottom of your menu

Find Google-approved stickers and other resources in their marketing kit.

10. Ask for Google Reviews After Customer Surveys

If your business conducts customer surveys, seize the opportunity to request Google reviews after respondents have shared their thoughts.

11. Ask Social Media Followers for Reviews

Leverage your social media presence by encouraging followers to share their experiences on Google. Draft a series of posts asking for reviews and send one out once every week or so to help get a steady stream of new reviews coming in.

12. Ask Vendors and Business Partners for Reviews Too

Don’t forget about your vendors and partners—their reviews can also contribute to your credibility.

13. Respond Promptly to Your Reviews

Active engagement with reviews, both positive and negative, demonstrates your commitment to customer satisfaction. Navigating negative reviews can be tricky, but doing so correctly could save you a repeat customer. Negative feedback is often the most genuine, so take notes about their feelings and frustrations and determine if there is a way you can make improvements to your services in the future.

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