Mobile Invoicing for Plumbers

Keeping track of invoices and payments can be tricky with the hectic pace of a plumbing business. Invoicing often requires special software or accounting knowledge, which can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. 

This is why you need a simple and affordable solution for invoicing your clients to smoothly run your business. It is essential for independent contractors and small businesses that don’t have a dedicated accounting team.

This is where mobile invoicing comes in. Mobile invoicing can save you time and help you get paid quickly by letting you invoice customers from your mobile device. Let’s look at how mobile invoicing can be a game-changer for your plumbing business.

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Why plumbers should opt for mobile invoicing

Here are some of the key benefits of mobile invoicing for your plumbing company.

Send invoices & receive -payments from customers

You can send plumbing invoices to customers via email, text, or even a link in a chat thread using mobile invoicing. Once the invoice is sent, the customer can view it on their mobile device and make a payment with just a few taps.

For example, you can create a digital invoice and send it to your customer via text or email. With most mobile invoicing platforms, you can choose different payment methods such as credit card, PayPal, or even ACH bank transfer. This means you can get paid almost instantly without waiting for a check to come in the mail.

Managing and organizing client communications in one place can be a huge time-saver for both you and your customer. There’s no need to fumble around with paper invoices or wait for payments to come through the mail. Plus, you can rest assured that your invoices will always be accurate, as they’re generated directly from your Broadly account.

Going paperless is green & easy

Mobile invoicing creates and sends invoices directly from your mobile phone or tablet. This means you can invoice customers while on the job and get paid quickly and easily without lugging around a bulky laptop or printer.

You can also say goodbye to paper invoices and receipts with mobile invoicing. This saves you time and money on printing costs, but it’s also better for the environment. This means less waste and potentially going carbonless for your business, all with a reduced cost.

Plus, mobile invoicing makes it easy to keep track of your finances and customers. Most mobile invoicing platforms offer real-time tracking of invoices and payments to see who owes you money and when they paid. This information can be incredibly valuable for managing your cash flow and growing your business.

Invoicing on the go

Mobile invoicing is perfect for busy plumbing contractors who are always on the go. With mobile invoicing, you can create and send invoices from anywhere – whether you’re at a job site, in your truck, or taking a break at the local coffee shop.

Mobile invoicing will look like this: you select a plumbing invoice template and specify the company name, plumbing job done, and the fees attached. 

The app will generate an invoice for you and immediately send it to the client. You can connect it with Broadly’s email marketing campaign services to automate your invoicing process and keep track of payments, so you can focus on running your business.

This flexibility is crucial for plumbing contractors as it allows you to invoice customers as soon as the job is complete. This means you can get paid faster and avoid the hassle of billing customers later.

Track payments

To track payments, you probably have an extensive spreadsheet on Excel or Google sheet with details of plumbing services provided, invoice number, contact information, due date, payment terms, etc. 

With mobile invoicing software, you will not have to go through this hassle. You can easily see who owes you money and when they paid. You can also see all the business invoices in one place corresponding to details of plumbing work orders. This information can be precious for managing your cash flow and growing your business.

For example, you send an invoice to a customer on Monday morning, and they don’t make a payment by Friday afternoon. With the option of mobile payments, you can quickly see that the invoice is unpaid and the late fees are attached to it. You can also use Broadly’s services to send automated reminders if the invoice is not cleared within a specified period.

Push payment reminders via text messages

If you’re using mobile invoicing, you can set up automatic payment reminders that will be sent to your customers via text message. This is a great way to avoid the hassle of manually sending payment reminders to their phone numbers, and it’s a great way to ensure you get paid on time.

Plus, text message reminders are more likely to get your customer’s attention than an email or paper invoice. People are much more likely to open and read a text message than an email.

Make customer payments & communications a smooth process

Invoicing is a hassle for both you and your customer. Mobile invoicing can help to make the process smoother for both parties by allowing you to send invoices via text, email, or even a link in a chat thread. 

Once the invoice is sent, the customer can view it on their mobile device and make a payment with just a few taps. This means less time spent sending invoices and chasing down payments for you. And for your customer, it means a streamlined process that is easy to understand and use.

Assigning resources to specific jobs can be a nightmare, especially if you’re managing a team of plumbers. This is where Broadly comes in. You can use Broadly’s one-stop business dashboard to integrate our services, including invoicing, which will help you can get paid faster and avoid the hassle of billing customers later.

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