Web analytics: most visited pages

Last week, we published a post discussing the many reasons to keep tabs on your website’s organic trafficThis time around, we’re going to discuss the importance of reviewing the most visited pages on your website. Here’s why you should get into the habit:

1. Understand your audience

Do you know what type of content your target customers are looking for? If you can’t answer “yes” with 100% confidence, it’s time to dig through your analytics data for some guidance.
By paying close attention to the most visited pages, you’ll gain a better understanding of what your readers are looking for.

2. Produce targeted content in the future

Keep tabs on your site’s most visited pages; you can adjust your strategy to better suit your audience. By knowing what type of content works, you can create blog content for your target audience.
For example: a carpet cleaning business may learn that posts about organic products generate the most interest. With this info in mind, it’s easier to write posts that generate a positive and widespread response from your website’s visitors.

3. Save time and money

Pay close attention to the pages that don’t attract any traffic. Is there a reason for this?
Create blog posts in line with what’s worked in the past. You can avoid wasting time and money on content that is likely to go unread.


If organic traffic is a big deal for your business. It’s imperative to learn more about your website’s visitors, including which pages attract the most eyeballs. With this information, you’ll have a better idea of how to best serve your audience in the future.
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