What to look for in pest control software

In an industry worth an estimated $20 billion in the U.S., pest control business owners are constantly trying to find innovative ways to scale and streamline their operations. This is why many pest control companies turn to software to improve their bottom line by automating processes such as invoicing.

With an overwhelming number of online tools on the market, small businesses need to be aware of what to look for in pest control software and which tools to use.

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What is pest control software?

Pest control software provides business solutions that help companies simplify and manage operational workflows and marketing efforts more efficiently. Covering almost all aspects of running a pest control business, from payment processing to inventory management, software allows field service companies to track and automate day-to-day tasks.

For example, an online tool that manages appointment scheduling can send automatic reminders to customers and staff. As a result, the software helps reduce the number of missed appointments, saving both time and money for the pest control company.

Certain tools can also provide valuable insights into customer habits and preferences, allowing pest control businesses to improve the quality of service and tailor offerings to better meet customer needs. Some pest control management software assists with specific business operations, such as optimizing routes for dispatchers and tracking customer correspondence.

What software do I need to run my pest control business?

To determine which online tools and software will offer the best return on investment, service providers in the pest control industry should evaluate their business needs.

For example, a customer relationship management (CRM) software could be a valuable tool if a growing company needs assistance with managing client information. An effective CRM keeps track of customers’ contact information, service history and payments.

As for other useful software, a lead generating website could help a pest control business attract new customers. In contrast, a program that generates estimates and quotes allows field technicians to provide potential clients with accurate pricing.

Let’s dive into several different pest control business software options.


Booking software resolves issues like double-booking or misplacing handwritten notes about customer inquiries and streamlines appointment scheduling. It can send automatic notifications to technicians and customers about upcoming bookings, follow-up inspections and treatments.

With scheduling software, customers can fill out their contact information and the type of service they’re seeking on a simple web-based form. Then the software will organize the booking details in a database and calendar, allowing pest control businesses to efficiently assess inquiries.

Certain booking tools may also be compatible with accounting software such as QuickBooks, which makes it easy for techs to review payments, past work orders and notes.

Field service routing and route optimization

Field service management software such as PestPac enables pest control companies to optimize their field technicians’ routes based on several factors, including distance, time and traffic. This ensures dispatchers schedule customers in the most efficient order.

Plus, the software can provide business owners with GPS tracking and real-time data on technician location and performance, allowing them to make appropriate route changes as needed.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

CRM software allows pest control companies to oversee interactions with individual clients, such as tracking their service history and payments, to improve customer satisfaction and boost sales. Additionally, businesses use this software to manage and update client contact information and customer support cases.

For example, with Broadly’s Inbox tool, business owners can efficiently track the complete history of client correspondences to provide excellent service and a seamless customer experience — all from one intuitive dashboard.

Supplier management

This type of software helps companies manage their relationships with suppliers of pesticides, equipment and other materials needed to operate a pest control business. From tracking purchase orders to managing supplier contracts, this management system can help reduce overhead.

Certain software can also automate timely payments to vendors and ensure orders for products are placed when inventory is low.

Lead generating website

To generate leads, pest control businesses benefit from an optimized website with lead capture forms. Easily embedded on a website or blog, these forms are designed to collect basic customer information, such as the client’s name, email address and phone number.

With this customer data, a company can send leads customizable text and email marketing campaigns to encourage customer conversion. In addition, review management software, which helps companies manage customer reviews, may improve lead generation by improving their online reputation.

Estimates and quotes

Software can streamline the process of providing a price estimate and timeframe for completion, whether a client needs a termite inspection or treatment for carpenter ants. Online tools also allow field technicians to quickly create proposals for potential customers and track the status of each quote for follow up.

For instance, HomeAdvisor is an online marketplace that offers free quotes from local pest control technicians. Potential customers enter their zip code and basic information about their pest control problem, such as the type of pest and whether or not it’s an emergency case, and they will receive quotes from local pest control professionals.

Invoices and payments

Instead of manually creating invoices and tracking payments, pest control companies can take advantage of software to automate these tasks. Though many options are available, one of the most efficient software solutions is Broadly’s industry-leading Payments program, which allows field technicians to get paid same-day for pest control services.

Not to mention, Broadly gives pest control pros the option to text or email invoices to customers with a mobile app compatible with Android and iOS. The Payments tool provides a paperless and easy way for customers to make payments at their convenience using their credit card and mobile device.

Marketing analytics

When evaluating what to look for in pest control software, the ability to generate detailed reports and analytics about marketing initiatives is crucial for any pest control business. This kind of software allows a business owner to track key performance indicators (KPIs), make data-driven decisions about where to allocate resources and identify areas of improvement.

Advanced analytics software may feature a capability to segment customers, so they can be grouped based on criteria such as location, type of pest problem or frequency of service. Segmentation helps pest control companies tailor marketing and sales efforts to each group to increase their close rate and revenue.

What should I look for in pest control software?

When researching the best pest control software for your company, decide which key features could resolve your operational pain points. For example, do you need software that can handle job scheduling and invoicing? Or are you looking for a tool to help you manage customer relationships and market your pest control company?

After pinpointing the most helpful functionality, start narrowing down software options. Make sure the tools you’re considering are compatible with your existing systems. Software that integrates with your business’s existing programs can improve your bottom line.

Also, check out reviews to see what other pest control businesses have to say about the software, such as the tool’s benefits and limitations.

How to evaluate pest control software

Knowing what to look for in pest control software allows you to choose the most effective tools for your needs. Take into account these questions when shopping for field service business software:

  • Functionality: What features does the software offer? Does it include everything you need, or would you have to purchase additional add-ons?
  • Price: How much does the software cost? Does it provide a fair amount of value compared to its price tag? Is there a monthly fee or a one-time payment option?
  • Ease of use: Can your employees quickly learn how to use the software? How long would it take before they could get started with using it? Is the interface user-friendly?
  • Customer support: How easy is it to get help if you encounter any problems? Is there 24/7 support available?
  • Compatibility: Is the software compatible with your company’s computer system and other software?

Additionally, consider contacting software service companies for a free trial if they don’t offer a complimentary demo. This way, you can test out the program and decide if it’s appropriate for your business. Taking the time to find the right programs for your pest control company can save time and money in the long run.

How much does pest control software cost?

Since there’s a wide selection of pest control software programs available on the market, prices can vary significantly from one program to the next. The cost of pest control software depends on multiple factors, including the features and functionality you require, the size of your business and the number of users you need to support.

Whether the software is an annual subscription service or a one-time purchase will also influence how much it costs. In general, pest control software can range from around $10 per month for a simple tool for small businesses to a few hundred dollars for more advanced software.

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