3 HVAC review sites you should be monitoring

Whether you are deciding on heating and cooling systems for a new home or have an emergency repair, HVAC review sites are a great resource to check for references. Homeowners looking for quality home services for heating or air conditioning search popular HVAC review sites to find customer reviews and verify an HVAC business’s reputation. 

A solid review from another homeowner who received top-notch home service can attract new customers to a small HVAC service business. 

Why you should care about reputation management

Think about it: HVAC systems are one of the most important investments homeowners make in their dream home. Whether the home is in the mountains, the seaside or the city, homeowners want great working HVAC equipment that suits their lifestyle and budget, and they want to work with a reputable HVAC company. 

HVAC review sites help potential customers find HVAC service providers by providing contact information, such as phone number or the business website, and of course, always include customer reviews of home services.

Positive online reviews of HVAC contractors and testimonials from satisfied customers in a defined service area inform homeowners about the reputation of a local HVAC company. Solid reviews help local companies boost their online reputation and win business from potential new customers.

3 HVAC review sites to monitor

Google Business Profile

Say you want to strategically grow your online reputation through SEO. Starting with Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) is the top choice as it’s still the go-to for anyone searching for reviews online. 

Google is by far the most used search engine in the US, so positive customer reviews on Google will pay off for small businesses and influence purchasing decisions. 

Homeowners searching for HVAC companies are often looking for local businesses. Google Business is linked to Google Maps, making it easy to find an accurate location and service area. 


Not everyone thinks of Facebook when looking for powerful HVAC review sites. However, the service provider recommendation feature on the vast social media site can provide solid customer reviews and testimonials. A bonus feature is that a user recommendation of an HVAC company links directly to the company’s ratings and business page. 


The Yelp app and website are popular review sites for everything from restaurants to plumbers to entertainment centers in a defined service area. The local search aspect is especially good for mobile users. Many of the online customer reviews and testimonials are quite detailed and offer specific feedback on HVAC services.

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