5 Reasons why you need to adopt a team chat app quickly

Team chat apps can solve business communication issues and support teamwork in ways a traditional email inbox falls flat. While it’s possible to manage team members without real-time communication and collaboration tools, businesses that don’t use team chat apps may miss out on the enhanced efficiency, engagement and organization that these apps provide. 

Team chat apps are essential for remote teams or team members who need to collaborate on projects. If you’re tired of drowning in lengthy email threads and ready to facilitate improved communication and workflow, don’t delay. 

Here’s why you should implement a team chat app for your small business as soon as possible. 

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What is a team chat app?

Team chat apps provide the functionality of instant messaging apps along with powerful collaboration features and task management tools. They often support multiple modes of team communication, including private messaging, group chat, audio/video calls and file sharing. 

Team chat apps facilitate routine communications, such as assigning tasks, providing feedback, and integrate with a variety of commonly used business apps such as Google Drive. 

Pricing for team chat apps varies widely, but is often based on the size of your team. Some platforms offer a free plan, but typically with limited features. 

Reasons you should consider a team chat app for your business

Streamline communication from anywhere

Whether you have team members working remotely or out in the field, you’ll be able to communicate with them in a variety of ways. Email is overkill when messages are short and sweet. Group chats quickly get everyone on the same page, even if you’re not all in the same place. 

Most team chat apps even allow team members to respond from their mobile device. These apps also make it easy to keep internal and external communications separate and to differentiate between individual and company-wide communications. 

Facilitate collaboration between team members

Team chat apps support team collaboration and project management by allowing team members to assign tasks to one another, share links and files, brainstorm solutions in group messaging, provide project updates, or use screen sharing or video conferencing to get stakeholders on the same page. 

Decrease distractions and interruptions

Team messaging apps minimize distractions by allowing team members to respond to notifications in their own time. Instead of bugging someone in person or by phone while they’re busy, you can use direct messages to communicate at a time that is convenient for you, without worrying about the other person’s schedule. 

Some chat tools also show your time zone or if you’re in a meeting or with a customer, so other team members know why you’re not responding right away. 

Organize information for easy access

Team messaging platforms allow you to search your message history, find old video meetings or voice messages for reference and pull up company docs. You can use a team chat app as a file storage solution as well. Most team communication apps are much easier to navigate than an email inbox. 

Improve team engagement 

Team chat apps allow for brief communication through emojis and gifs, which can go a long way in relationship building and making employees feel like they’re part of a team. It’s especially important for teams that get little face time. A quick social video chat between co-workers can replace chatting at the water cooler and helps improve rapport across your business. 

The best teams also use feedback to boost employee productivity. Team chat apps make it quick and easy to provide employee recognition. Broadly’s Team Chat app allows you to track employee performance based on customer feedback, so you can recognize and reward top performers with ease. 

Why it’s important to adopt a team chat app quickly

A 2019 study revealed that 91% of businesses use at least two messaging apps — and for good reason. If you don’t get your team on board with using a team chat app, not only will you risk disorganized and inefficient communication, but you also might see your customer service fall through the cracks. 

In industries where customer reviews drive new leads, it’s especially vital for team members to work like a well-oiled machine. If team members can collaborate more effectively, your business may even be able to handle more customers without hiring additional employees. That’ll increase profits alongside customer satisfaction. 

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