How Long Do Google Reviews Last?

It is not a stretch to say that a great Google review shines brighter than gold for a local business. 

Google reviews help you connect with customers and bring in more folks to your establishment—among a whole host of other great benefits. Everyone wants the best reviews to stick around forever, and they want the bad ones gone ASAP.

But here’s the twist: sometimes great reviews that we lean on just up and disappear, no matter how much we want them to stay. And we can’t help but wonder why.

Is there a time limit on them? If so, how long do Google reviews last? Let’s dig into the world of Google reviews to figure this conundrum out.

Key Takeaways

  • Google reviews are permanent, but older reviews may become less visible over time, making it important to consistently gather new reviews that reflect your current business status.
  • Reviews can disappear if they violate Google’s rules, such as being fake, spammy, off-topic, or offensive. Understanding these rules and actively monitoring reviews is essential to improving your Google ranking.
  • Deleting your Google Business Profile doesn’t remove reviews. It’s best to proactively manage your online reputation by engaging with customers, addressing concerns, and using tools like Broadly to streamline review management.

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Google Reviews Don’t Expire

Here’s the good news: Google reviews don’t come with a “best before” date.

Once a customer leaves a review, it’s going to be there online forever. But hold on, there’s a caveat we forgot to mention. As you get new reviews, the older ones might get pushed down the list, so they won’t be as prominent. You see, just like trendy hairstyles, businesses can change over time. As you come into your own, your services might improve, or perhaps you move to a more suitable location that offers a better ambiance. Google tends to favor newer reviews, as they most likely best represent what your business is like in the present. 

Why Do Some Google Reviews Vanish?

Even though Google reviews are meant to stick around, there are situations when they can simply disappear (Google). Google has rules about what’s allowed in reviews, and if a review breaks these rules, it can get the boot. Here are some common reasons why Google might say goodbye to a review:

1. Fake Reviews

Google doesn’t like fake reviews. These are paid reviews written by people who want to either boost a business unfairly or hurt its reputation.

2. Spam Reviews

If a review seems weird, doesn’t make sense, or looks like it’s trying to trick the system, it might be considered spam and swiftly removed.

3. Off-Topic Reviews

Google reviews should talk about the experience someone had with a business. If a review goes off-topic or talks about stuff unrelated to the business, it might not make the cut.

4. Illegal Stuff

Reviews with illegal content, like copyrighted material or links to shady websites, are a big red flag and will not be tolerated by the platform in the slightest.

5. Rude or Threatening Language

Google wants to keep things friendly and respectful. Reviews with rude, racist, or threatening language will be shown the door.

6. Conflicts of Interest

Reviews from people who have a clear conflict of interest, like employees or competitors, might be taken down, as these comments can carry bias and be ungenuine reflections of the business.

7. Too Many Reviews, Too Fast

Large quantities of positive reviews could be a signal that the business purchased fake feedback. If the reviews are negative, this is commonly known as “review bombing” and is a tactic by competitors to tarnish the name of a business. So, if a business suddenly gets loads of reviews in a short time, Google might wonder what’s going on and could remove some of them if it suspects they are part of one of these tactics. 

It’s worth noting that both the users writing reviews and business owners have a role in managing public feedback. People can delete their own reviews if they want to, while business owners can flag and fix an inappropriate Google review that breaks the platform’s rules.

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Can You Get Rid of Reviews by Deleting Your Google Business Profile?

Some folks think that if they delete their Google Business Profile, all the reviews will disappear too. Well, that’s not quite how it works. Deleting your profile means you’re giving up control of it, but the reviews will still be there on Google unless they break the rules or for some other valid reason.

If your intention is to try to boost your rating, there are a few strategies you can try:

  • Drown out negative reviews by requesting feedback from happy customers.
  • Respond to negative reviews and try to address the user’s concerns. If you can fix the issue, they may opt to remove the review or update it to a positive one. 
  • Skim your reviews and see if all of them are, in fact, genuine. You would be surprised how many people leave a review for the wrong business by mistake due to a similar naming convention.

In a nutshell, Google Reviews don’t disappear on their own, but they can be removed if they break Google’s review rules. If you’re a business owner, it’s important to understand these rules and take steps to protect your reputation. And if you’re looking for help managing your online reviews, Broadly is here to make it easy and effective.

How Broadly Can Help

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