How To Create A Business Email

Since email is a preferred communication tool for many consumers having a business email account can be incredibly useful for many levels of your business. Email can help manage customer service, add security to your communication, and can improve sales overtime! Here are a few other ways a business email can be beneficial:

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Benefits Of Having A Business Email

  • Add instant professionalism and credibility
  • Be more trustworthy, and less likely to be filed in a spam folder
  • Get better security and privacy settings (depending on your host)
  • Use your email account for life

In this article, we will be going over how to create a professional business email in 5 easy steps. Let’s get started!

Business Email Hosting Service

Step 1: Find An Email Hosting Service

Creating a professional email is similar to setting up a website. You will need something similar to a web hosting server, but for emails. This can be done through a number of hosting platforms. If you currently have a website, see if your host has a feature for business emails. If your current website hosting company doesn’t offer an email service you can look at places like GoDaddy, Namecheap, or Google’s G-suite which will charge a minimum amount.

If you are in the beginning stages of your business and haven’t set up your website yet, companies like BlueHost will provide an all in one service with; a free domain name, and a free email service when using them as a host provider.

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Step 2: Choose a Business Email Address

If you are a small business, you will want your brand’s business name repeated as often as possible.

It can look unprofessional if you send an email from a, or email address. These types of email addresses look like a personal email and could go straight to spam which really puts a damper on your marketing campaigns.

For Example: Using “Info” will help customers instantly know who you are and where you are emailing them from. You can even create multiple email address like:

  • – This is an example of a personal email address.
  • TechnicalSupport’ –  If there are certain departments you want your people to be directed to work with and several people could use the same email address.

how to forward business emails

Step 3: Decide About Email Forwarding

Once you have set up your email host and email address, the next step is to decide if you want these business emails forwarded to another email account.

Some like this idea of keeping all their emails in a single email inbox. as they can still use the familiar Gmail account to check and send messages from. Each email and hosting provider is different so talk with those providers to learn the easiest way to set up email forwarding.

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Step 4: Add Some Credibility

Adding something personal to an email like a picture, signature, logo, or phone number adds credibility so customers know the face or a name they are reaching out to, rather than a robot.

For example, George Palomino from Tripadvisor has a professional signature is a picture and ways on how to contact him with every email he sends.

Screen Shot 2019 01 30 at 10.40.51 AM

As Dmitry Dragilev found out adding a photo can increase response rates by over 300%.

Step 5: Secure Your Email

There is nothing worse than having your business email hacked. There are a few things you can do to secure an email.

  • Create a complicated password –This might seem obvious but having your favorite football team as your password, or your child’s name is easier to guess for hackers. Choose a random and complicated password.
  • Two-step verification – This means that not only do you have a password to enter your email, but another step is taken as an extra precaution in order to access your email and information.
  • Keep healthy internet practices – If you get an email that doesn’t end in a .com or .org, do some homework before clicking on the link. You can even hover over the highlighted section and see where the link is going. Don’t ever give out private information over email.

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Having a professional email is essential for your organization. It is your communication lifeline and needs to be treated as such in order to get positive customer feedback. To get a professional email address you can use your a Web hosting service, or a 3rd party. Either way, you can set up an email forwarding service which best fits your needs. Make sure your email is secure for protection from hackers. Last, of all, remember to check and reply to each email in a timely and professional manner.  All this will ensure your business is taken to the next level.