How to Make a Reputation Marketing Plan for Your Dumpster Rental Business

As a business owner, you want your dumpster rental company to bring in new customers in order to grow. A robust marketing strategy can help you increase website traffic, generate more leads and turn potential customers into satisfied customers.

What is reputation marketing?

Reputation marketing is creating content that informs the public’s perception of your brand. You want customers to think highly of you, and reputation marketing makes that happen.

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Why is reputation marketing important?

There are plenty of dumpster rental services. You need to increase your brand awareness so you come to potential customers’ minds when they need to contact a dumpster business. A good reputation can lead to keeping your customer base while attracting new business.

How to make a reputation marketing plan for your dumpster rental business

Your small business must have a solid digital marketing plan to help your dumpster company thrive. Research your customer base to know precisely who to target with your marketing. Reputation marketing is a broad, multifaceted topic, so consider these steps as a jumping-off point for your business marketing plan.

Build your brand

Build a strong brand so you stand out among local dumpster service providers. When potential customers search for dumpster rentals in your area, you want your logo, colors and company tagline to offer a cohesive and recognizable package that draws in customers.

Create a high-quality website

Most people will search for your business online before reaching out to hire your services. Your website is a great place to make a positive first impression, so make sure it looks professional and functions well. Optimize your site for both desktop screens and mobile devices.

Include these details on your website:

  • Business name, location(s) and contact information
  • Services, products and pricing
  • Service area map
  • Links to your social media pages
  • Company history and relevant business information

Make high-quality content

Content marketing is an excellent way to connect with your target audience and build relationships. Blogging is a great way to demonstrate expertise and offer value to potential customers before they use your services. Research the keywords your target audience is searching for and write informational posts that include those keywords.

Post entertaining content on social media, or run a special promotion for your followers. Invest in various ways to connect with your audience, and you will build a loyal customer base.

Be active on social media

Posting on social media platforms offers organic opportunities to connect with your target audience. You can also consider social media marketing, such as Facebook Ads, for paid advertisements.

Engage with your target audience by posting consistently and responding to questions and comments. If you build trust and show expertise with potential customers online, they will be more likely to use your services when needed.

Run SMS and email marketing campaigns

SMS marketing allows you to connect with customers instantly. Consider automating a message that goes out to leads when you get their information, offering them a discount on first-time rental services.

Email marketing is cost-effective and provides a place to offer educational content and advertise seasonal promotions to your customers and leads.

Invest in paid advertising

Paid ads can help you get in front of your target audience’s eyes. When you create pay-per-click (PPC) ads on Google Ads, you can target keywords that your customer base might look up so you appear at the top of their search results pages.

When you create Facebook Ads, you can get very specific with your target demographic by selecting user age range, location and interests. A great tool available on Facebook marketing is the re-targeting feature that allows you to advertise to users again. So if a user clicks on your ad but does not engage further, you can give them another nudge and re-target them.

Improve your SEO (search engine optimization)

Effective SEO helps your business appear high on search engine results pages. Research words and phrases your target demographic searches and create content about those topics. Include optimized words throughout your website, blog, ads and social media posts.

Backlinks from trusted websites and getting consistent reviews also help improve SEO.

Get customer reviews

Positive customer reviews build trust with people who are researching your rental services. If you have consistent and recent positive reviews, they might choose you over the competition. Ask customers for reviews and make it easy for them to find your review page by sending them a direct link.

Responding to your reviews — especially the negative ones — is essential. Respond calmly, acknowledge what they’re saying and apologize. Leave your business phone or email address so they can contact you directly to avoid a potential confrontation on the review page.

Generate leads

Lead generation is essential because you want to keep bringing in new business. You can offer a free resource in exchange for contact information and an email address or place a call-to-action (CTA) on your company website. There are many ways to generate leads, so consider multiple approaches.

Create a Google Business Profile

A Google Business Profile allows you to appear in Google search results and shows your location on Google Maps. If you haven’t already, claim your profile and fill out your business information, including your business name, location, hours, services and prices. Add photos and videos to show your business’s strengths and build trust with potential customers.

Market your business with help from Broadly

Broadly is an online reputation management platform that helps you build and optimize your marketing plan.

Automated review requests and notifications of new reviews will make review management a breeze. Our tools help you streamline email marketing campaigns. We can even help you design a mobile-friendly website, complete with web chat functionality.

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