Take your law firm website marketing to the next level

Your law firm website is one of your most important online marketing tools. By strengthening your search engine optimization (SEO) and website design, you can reach more prospective clients, elevate your conversion rate and get more new clients.

Here’s how to upgrade your law firm website design and the features you need to advance your law firm marketing return on investment (ROI).

What are the most critical elements of a law firm website?

Here are some top features to add to your law firm’s website to strengthen your broader marketing strategy.

Need a Professional Website For Your Business?


1. “About Us” page

Use this section of your website to:

  • List the legal services you offer
  • Provide details about your practice area (personal injury, family law, immigration, etc.)
  • Include links to your social media profiles on platforms such as LinkedIn
  • Provide bios for the lawyers on your team
  • Share your contact information to increase the number of phone calls and emails your law practice receives

2. Clear calls-to-action (CTAs)

What action(s) would you like your web visitors to take when they arrive on one of your landing pages? This might be to call your law office, schedule a free consultation or learn more about your legal services.

Whatever your marketing goals, your website should have a clear CTA that aligns with your objectives. Place CTA buttons in prominent places across your website to drive your conversion rate.

3. Lead generation forms

When new website visitors arrive, you have about seven seconds to make an impression and get them to take action. Add lead generation forms to your website to encourage users to:

  • Opt-in to receiving SMS and email marketing campaigns from your law firm
  • Schedule free consultations
  • Submit an inquiry to your law firm

3. Online reviews and customer testimonials

Select your favorite online reviews that past customers have posted about your business on review websites and social media channels. High-quality law practice online reviews can help differentiate your legal firm from your competitors and optimize conversion rates by serving as social proof of the great experiences others have had working with your lawyers.

4. Content marketing resources

Quality content is the most important factor that can maximize your online presence and SEO, according to Google Search’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide.

Do keyword research to find out what search terms potential clients might use to search for attorneys in your practice area. Leverage these insights to create expert videos, articles and guides that:

  • Are easy to understand
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of the attorneys at your law firm
  • Get website visitors to reach out for a free consultation
  • Readers enjoy and share on social media

5. Web chat

Most small business owners say that web messaging services such as Broadly’s Web Chat help them boost customer loyalty and revenue. In fact, using a web chat service has been shown to help companies increase conversion rates by 20%.

6. An FAQ page

When it comes to your website, one of the most important tasks is ensuring prospective clients get the information they need to select your law firm for their legal needs. As part of these marketing efforts, be sure to create a page that addresses questions your target audience may have about your legal services, pricing and practice area.

Law firm website marketing FAQ

What is the purpose of a law firm’s website?

The primary purpose of a law firm website is to educate potential clients about the legal services your practice offers. In addition, it should serve as the home base for your online presence and as a powerful digital marketing tool to generate new business for your firm. To do that, your website should:

  • Use SEO best practices to rank well in search engines
  • Include an “About Us” page that lists your practice areas and specialties
  • Provide a way for potential clients to book a free consultation or contact your law firm
  • Highlight client testimonials that demonstrate why customers should work with your law firm

What is the best way to drive visitors to your law firm website?

There are several ways you can grow the number of visitors your law firm website receives, including:

    • Organic methods to expand your law firm’s website traffic: Improve your website’s SEO rankings by generating content marketing resources using keyword phrases. Use email and social media posts to share links to your website with your email subscribers and social media followers.
  • Paid methods to drive up your law firm’s website traffic: If you want to boost your online traffic faster, consider paid marketing channels, such as pay-per-click ads (PPC) available through Google Ads, Bing and social media platforms.

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