Reviews vs. Ads: Why a review generation program should get your marketing-dollars

Online reviews now dominate search results, leaving business owners wondering how to make the most of them to boost their bottom line. Most consumers are familiar with search engines and look to social media platforms for online reviews of products and services they’re considering buying. Online reviews have a powerful influence on purchasing decisions.

When considering a marketing strategy, small business owners often have to choose between an online review strategy or running ads. Focusing your efforts on a review strategy boosts your online reputation by adding to your star ratings. The more high-quality ratings your business has, the more you can tip the balance of purchasing decisions in your favor.

Here are some benefits of using an online review solution for your small business:

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Free advertising

Each review embedded on your company website is a testimonial for potential customers. Prospective customers trust positive reviews from real people over advertising because reviews often include context or details about the product or service.

Reviews describe how a business met or exceeded a customer’s expectations. Reviews and star ratings act as social proof of your business excellence. This is especially true if your small business has a high number of reviews.

To make the most of positive reviews, business owners can create a special tab on their landing page to include these all in one place for the most impact.

Improved search results

Search engines rank businesses based on how well they optimize their listing. They also monitor what your customers say about you and how current the reviews are.

Google wants to see that you’re still active online and that your customers are engaging with your business by leaving you feedback. Reviews can show potential customers how you met customers’ expectations with your service or product.

Regularly posting fresh content can help you get rich snippets and Google Seller Ratings, thus improving your overall visibility on search engines.

Peer recommendations

To research brands, many consumers go to social media to explore the buying experiences of other customers. Many potential customers follow e-commerce brands on social media before they are ready to click to buy. Highlighting authentic customer recommendations on social media is an effective marketing strategy.

Sharing testimonials from third parties on social media increases your brand’s credibility, boosts engagement and grows your company’s bottom line. Star ratings and a large number of reviews give potential customers confidence in your small business.

Constructive business suggestions

While everyone strives for positive feedback, negative reviews show how to improve your business. Critical feedback helps you refine your team’s processes, products or service offerings. Responding professionally to your customers’ critiques and offering to resolve problems can improve your business.

Conveying your positive business culture

Creating a theme around select customer reviews is one way to deepen engagement and showcase your positive image. Reviews from happy customers speak volumes about the experience of doing business with you and can influence purchasing decisions.

For instance, grouping reviews that mention your latest products or cutting-edge modifications will reinforce your reputation as an innovative business leader in your field. At the same time, sharing reviews that appreciate a family-run business or friendly and responsive customer service shows that your company values a positive, family-friendly work culture.

Improved customer engagement

Give your customers a forum to share their experience with your business. This shows your customers that you care and forges a deeper relationship with them and the community you serve.

Replying to reviews demonstrates that you value constructive dialogue with your customers. Being receptive builds loyalty for your business and helps you engage with customers on new products, services or offers.

Building trust

By investing in your review strategy, you’re investing in your reputation management. Reviews build trust by validating why customers should work with you. Nowadays, consumers value user-generated reviews more than digital ad campaigns.

Modern consumers may be suspicious of digital marketing jargon for an e-commerce site but are more likely to trust the words of a happy customer.

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Watch your online reputation transform with Broadly