Thank you, small businesses!

It’s National Small Business Week – and we celebrate all the local businesses that make up the fabric of our communities.

We celebrate Jacque Preble, who created a successful pet boarding business and sold it recently to an owner who will keep this community mainstay thriving for the pet parents who love it so much.
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We celebrate Pinx Catering, whose award-winning waffles became the foundation for a growing business featuring artisanal creations. They landed Kaiser as a corporate client – and the business continues to excel!
Read our Q&A with Craig Cooper the owner of Pinx Catering>>

We celebrate Nevada’s Family Paw, which has created a truly family vibe for the employees, customers, and pets that frequent their
Read how Broadly helps Nevada’s four-legged friends>>

We celebrate R&C Auto, which has earned a reputation as an honest, exceptional repair shop with their customers.

We celebrate all our small business customers who work hard to support their communities- with great service, great products, jobs that employ friends and neighbors, even charitable giving.

But more than that, we celebrate the fact that you don’t have to be one of the big guys to build a thriving company and a good life for yourself and your family. With grit, resilience, savvy and smarts (and maybe some luck), you can do just that.

And that’s maybe the best reason to celebrate.

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