What you should know about big law firm marketing

Big law firms need to work hard to build a great online reputation and stay top-of-mind. Nearly all prospective clients start with a simple online search when looking for a lawyer they can trust. Their first impression may be based on rankings in the search engine results, so firms of all sizes must consider marketing strategy and put their best foot forward.

Large firms must prioritize different lead generation and other reputation marketing strategies. They may also have to work harder to preserve their brand reputation and build trust in the community.

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What does marketing do for a law firm?

Big firms in the legal industry usually have larger marketing budgets to run broader brand awareness campaigns through a local market. A larger law practice is also more likely to have a dedicated in-house department to lead marketing efforts.

Marketing teams oversee everything from directories and search engine optimization (SEO) to web design and conversion rate metrics. They may also delegate media buying to larger marketing agencies. Strategists must develop online reviews and referral strategies that support local SEO goals.

Paid advertising extends beyond pay-per-click (PPC) at many big law firms. Teams must also foster a social media presence, email campaign automation and other marketing solutions to compete against the local, small law firms.

Paid media strategies pay off for firms that handle a high volume of legal work, but it’s important to remember that clients also want to work with a law firm they can trust. Firms must use marketing tactics thoughtfully to balance awareness and build credibility in their community.

Best practices for marketing your big law firm

Optimize your website

Law firms of all sizes need a high-quality website. The branding for a firm that focuses on personal injury law may look different from a firm that specializes in real estate law. Regardless, the overarching goals of any law firm website are the same:

  • Professional, with an emphasis on credibility
  • Responsive
  • Easy-to-navigate
  • Simple lead generation forms

Invest in content and SEO

Big firms can target local areas using search engine optimization and content marketing strategies. Use SEO to reach your target audience and rise to the top of local search results. Organic SEO supports brand awareness in your local market to help target clients.

Content strategies also allow a firm to highlight its partners and associates on staff. The website should include their professional bar association accreditations and specialty practice areas.

Run PPC and organic ads

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and organic ads reinforce brand awareness. Google Ads and Facebook Business are great places to run search and display campaigns. Ads can also target specific interests. Large firms should consider a year-round strategy for online ads.

Enhance your lead management strategy

Lead management strategies at a big law firm require careful planning and marketing automation processes. You should create processes on handling basic inquiries and complex legal opportunities.

With a larger marketing budget, you can also consider buying leads. Once your firm has a plan to move leads through the pipeline, you will be better able to identify opportunities and grow new business.

Create email marketing campaigns

Big firms must prioritize customer relationship management as part of their lead management strategy. One easy way to leverage lead data is to create ongoing email marketing campaigns. Stay in touch with existing clients and be top-of-mind with new clients.

Connect with the community using social media

Big law firms can use social media platforms to support positive brand reputation and build community. Starting with Facebook Business and LinkedIn, big firms may also find their presence is impactful on channels such as YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

Your social media marketing channel strategy may vary based on the lead generation goals and any special legal services offered by your firm. You can use podcasts, webinars and blog posts with compelling infographics to reach different audiences.

Offer a referral program

All law firms benefit from reviews and online testimonials. Consider referral programs, review solicitation strategies and ways to improve your online reputation by highlighting positive feedback from your valued clients.

Positive reviews can be used as a marketing tool to enhance credibility on your website. Your existing clients can also leave public reviews on social media and review websites, including a Facebook Business Page and Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business).

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