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Affordable Roofing Contractors

Affordable Contractors, Inc. is a state licensed Miami Roofing Contractor specializing in quality applications since 1979. Their family-operated firm specializes in residential, commercial and industrial roofing services.

  • Shape Miami, FL
  • Joined in 2017

Favorite Feature

Customer Service

Koby loves the responsiveness and attention to detail of Broadly’s customer service. He thinks that the team goes above and beyond to follow up and take his calls – he never waits for long to get his questions answered.


The Results

Revenue & Staff

Affordable Roofing Contractors is on track to do over $2 million in business this year, which is up 50% from last year. Due to their success, Koby has added 8 new field employees to their roster since signing up with Broadly. The business is also purchasing a new centrally located building in Miami, two new trucks, and a billboard advertisement for their business.


From The Owner

“Having Broadly is a game-changer. The amount of new clients and new leads that have come in since has increased beyond expectations.”


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