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Bridge City Limo

Bridge City Limo is Portland Oregon’s affordable luxury transportation specialist. Their goals are to provide excellent service and to create memorable experiences for their clientele. Their drivers take pride in Bridge City’s reputation and strive to make the customer experience safe and fun.

  • Shape Portland, OR
  • Joined in 2016

Favorite Feature

Weekly Report

Getting positive reviews helps with Bridge City Limo’s office morale and validates that they’re making the right business decisions to meet customers needs. The team reviews their Broadly weekly results each Sunday to evaluate both positive and negative feedback that they’ve received. Before Broadly they didn’t have the resources to reach out for feedback like they can now. The fact that they can catch negative feedback has also helped them to figure out several issues that they would not have known about otherwise!



Visibility, New Clients & Limos

When Bridge City Limo started out with Broadly they didn’t have any presence on Google & weren’t easily found in online searches. Now they have the most positive reviews by a long-shot in a very competitive area. Due to their positive feedback, they have grown four times since their previous year in business. Bridge City Limo has also been able to make several new limo additions and limo remodels as a result.


From The Owner

We have quadrupled our business since starting with Broadly. People reference our reviews on Google and Yelp all the time – they drive our business.


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