Chicago Beautiful Smiles

Chicago Beautiful Smiles specializes in everything from preventative dental care & teeth whitening to dental implants & complete smile makeovers. Their main areas of focus are cosmetic, general and sleep dentistry.

  • Shape Glenview, IL
  • Joined in 2017

Favorite Feature

Ease of Use

Chicago Beautiful Smiles loves how easy it is for their patients to write them reviews using Broadly’s software. The customer receives the simple request for a review in e-mail form. The owner says that the request for each review is in “simple terms, in appealing writing, and is not in-your-face.” The business also loves how the review defaults to five stars and automatically takes their patient to a specific review platform like Google. It’s one step, instead of many and is automated. After using another program in the past that had too many steps, they find Broadly’s platform to be incredibly effective.

In addition, Chicago Beautiful Smiles likes the fact that their reviews automatically post to their website, giving them credibility and an SEO boost.


The Results

Business Increase, New Staff & Internal Processes

Both doctors at Chicago Beautiful Smiles have been in business for over 20 years. In the last three months with Broadly, Chicago Beautiful Smiles has increased new customer volume by 17%. The team tracks new patients each month and where they’ve been referred from and are so excited about how many more are coming from the internet. The practice leverages their new reviews to send to interested patients and even attract potential employees!

Chicago Beautiful Smiles has also hired two new people for social media and marketing and have even increased their senior doctors’ hours due to demand. Each morning the team huddles to talk about their reviews, and track which patients have or have not left them reviews. They make reviews a priority for their business because they see how much they’ve garnered more business for the practice.


From The Owner

Broadly posts our reviews directly onto our website which gives my reviews more credibility. This automatically boosts our SEO. We’ve seen a huge improvement in the reviews and business.


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