Window Genie of East Valley

Window Genie of East Valley is Arizona’s leader in home services. They specialize in window cleaning, window tinting, pressure washing, gutter cleaning and more. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and professionalism is what sets them apart from their competition.

  • Shape Gilbert, AZ
  • Joined in 2016

Favorite Feature

Ease of Use

Window Genie of East Valley knew they needed more reviews, but getting customers to create Google, Yelp or Facebook accounts was incredibly challenging. They were jumping through hoops to get people to leave reviews, since their clientele wasn’t always comfortable with technology. Since Broadly recognizes whether or not someone already has a Google, Yelp or Facebook account, asking for a review has become incredibly easy for the company. Window Genie of East Valley clients are automatically sent to the review-site that they’re already active on, and then they’re one-click away from the review. Owner, Melissa Windsor expressed, “Broadly cannot be any easier for our daily use. All-around it’s easy for the owner to use, for the customer, and it makes everything flow so easily. You make it part of your routine- add first name and email, and in less than a minute you can add a customer in. The results just come in so rapidly.”


The Results

Job Quality, Equipment & Revenue

Window Genie of Easy Valley has seen amazing results since September of 2016 when they started with Broadly. They’ve been trending at a 38% increase in business this year so far compared to the year prior, their first calendar year in business. In most cases, their average job quality and length has increased as well, and has been more localized, which has decreased drive times. In addition, they’ve added three new vehicles to their fleet. Their enhanced online presence has helped to target customers that are a better fit – even geographically!


From The Owner

The results we’ve had are crazy good, we can’t believe it. If someone told me that we would have this kind of success with Broadly I would not have believed them. All the other franchises that sign up are perplexed.


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