Best auto repair service software

To thrive in the automotive service industry, a business owner has to keep up with daily processes, including customer management and invoicing. Fortunately, auto repair service software empowers shop owners to streamline workflows and boost efficiency.

Broadly offers an all-in-one software solution for automotive repair shops with powerful features like mobile invoices and a consolidated inbox to improve the customer experience.

Designed for professionals in the auto repair business, Broadly’s shop management software is compatible as a mobile app, allowing your team to create invoices and support customers even when they’re not on-premise.

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What is auto repair software?

The best auto repair software uses automation to optimize business operations like bookkeeping. From maintaining customer service history to scheduling and booking repair appointments, shop management software saves time and overhead costs.

This way, business owners can focus on other important responsibilities, such as inventory management, auto repair marketing and monitoring revenue.

What are the benefits of using an auto repair service software?

Auto repair business software solutions help day-to-day processes run smoothly so nothing falls through the cracks. Teams can become more efficient when auto repair software automates redundant tasks like invoicing and payments. Plus, an auto repair shop can also take advantage of improved communications with customers.

Effortlessly keep up with repair orders, choose from multiple customizable invoice templates and much more. Broadly’s auto repair software provides a user-friendly dashboard with invaluable insights about marketing ROI and customer engagement metrics.

What are the advantages of using Broadly’s solutions in auto repair?

Broadly’s easy-to-use software solutions streamlines how shop owners operate their auto repair business.

With mobile invoices, auto repair professionals can easily generate an itemized bill for customers whether they’re working in the field or at the auto repair shop. For accounting, Broadly supports QuickBooks integration so bookkeeping is a breeze.

Simplify the process of targeting a relevant audience and nurturing qualified leads with Broadly’s automated email and SMS text campaigns. Plus, engage with customers efficiently with the convenient Web Chat functionality that keeps track of all customer correspondences in one accessible place.

What are some features of an auto repair software?

From helpful tracking tools to real-time insights and reports, there are many benefits to auto repair software. For example, Broadly’s software solutions offer a wide selection of optimization features, including simple auto repair invoicing and online reputation management tools.

A smart communications Inbox

With the Inbox feature, an auto repair business can take advantage of messaging from one place. Respond to customer inquiries from a single inbox, even if contact began through social media like Facebook or Google instead of your company website.

In addition, you can access all customer correspondences for context and provide personalized responses.

Mobile invoices and payments

Broadly makes the invoicing process as easy as sending a text or email, thanks to the mobile invoicing functionality. Automotive professionals can also push due date notification reminders with the click of a button. Customers enjoy the ability to pay online at their convenience.

Customer reviews all in one place

Access online reviews from customers from a single dashboard. Even if your auto repair business receives reviews on different social media platforms like Yelp or Facebook, Broadly gathers this feedback in one place so you can efficiently respond to individuals.

How can I justify the cost of auto repair software?

When shop owners consider investing in an automotive software solution, it is important to consider business goals. Auto repair software streamlines the way your company engages with customers and conducts day-to-day operations.

If your team is spending more time and resources on menial tasks like writing invoices than delighting customers, then using an automotive shop management system will likely provide a worthwhile return on investment.

Can Broadly handle recurring jobs and maintenance scheduling?

Definitely! Broadly’s auto repair software optimizes business management and customer communications. Automated messages can remind customers of upcoming appointments and routine maintenance.

How can Broadly help my auto repair business?

Broadly can assist in driving growth and elevating the customer experience with a suite of software solutions. Professionals in the automotive industry can receive payments on the same day of service with mobile invoices. Effortlessly sync up with team members using powerful internal communications tools.

With Broadly, you can reach your desired audience with Campaigns via text and email to create strong relationships with your customers. Customizable message templates add a personal touch when sending out promotions and maintenance service reminders. Plus, Web Chat’s instant messaging simplifies the process of identifying qualified leads.

Take your auto repair business marketing to the next level with Broadly.

Transform your local business with revolutionary AI-powered software