Best Practices For Family Law Lead Generation

Like any service-based business, family law firms need a steady stream of new clients to grow and succeed.

As more people seeking legal help rely on the Internet to find answers, traditional word-of-mouth referrals are less relevant.

If your family law practice still relies on referrals to generate leads, you’ll struggle to remain competitive. The online space is crowded, and law firms need a digital marketing strategy that involves attracting high-quality leads.

Knowing where to invest your time to increase exposure to potential clients is critical. Costs can quickly skyrocket if your lead generation strategy isn’t focused.

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What is lead generation for family law firms?

Lead generation is the act of attracting new clients to your firm. It can be the difference between running a successful law firm (even if you’re solo) versus struggling from month to month to generate ongoing business for your law practice.

Attorney lead generation is about generating interest in your law practice. While many local practices may assume lead generation is for large firms only, the truth is all law firms can benefit from it.

The nature of great attorney marketing is that no pushy sales tactics are needed. Calls-to-action (CTAs) draw in prospective clients. From there, you can nurture those relationships to sell them on your legal services.

Two major ways to attract high-quality leads are paid advertising, often called pay-per-click (PPC) and organic search. Your online marketing strategy should include search engine optimization (SEO) tactics to yield the best results for organic search.

Organic lead generation for family lawyers

Organic lead generation focuses primarily on long-term marketing strategies that improve SEO over time. Here are a few best practices.

Invest in your law firm’s website

Many legal websites are designed to speak to visitors rather than initiate a dialogue. Lawyer profiles and accolades are great, but prospective clients need a reason to stay on your website.

Design a website with lead generation in mind. Include a live Web Chat where visitors can ask questions in real-time. This is an opportunity to connect with a visitor while they are actively engaged in seeking out legal services. Get their contact information and follow up with them.

Grow your email list

Ensure your website and landing pages are optimized to collect email addresses. Use a free download, consultation or other enticing “freebie” to access their inbox.

Use a marketing partner like Broadly to help put your website to work. Nurturing new leads through personalized email campaigns is one of the most cost-effective ways to grow your legal practice.

Get active on social media

Social media is an excellent lead-generation tool. Meet potential clients where they are, answer questions and share relevant information. It’s a perfect way to build relationships and trust with new leads.

Use your bio to drive traffic to your website, a contact form or a landing page.

Use reviews to build your online reputation

Join third-party review sites like Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business), Facebook Business Pages and Yelp.

Gathering testimonials from happy clients shows potential clients that other people have had positive experiences with your family law firm. The more positive reviews you can accumulate, the higher your law firm’s website will organically rank on Google.

Collecting reviews is easy with help from a reputation management software like Broadly.

Paid lead generation for family lawyers

If you’re looking for immediate results, paid lead generation is your best option. It’s essential to note that the most successful paid lead generation marketing strategies work in combination with your organic marketing strategy.

Pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns

PPC ad campaigns allow family lawyers to run ads on Google (or other search engines).

In exchange for bidding on specific keywords, Google rewards you by showing your ad at the top of page one when someone searches those keywords. Every time someone clicks on your ad, you pay a fee.

To run a successful PPC ad on Google, knowing which keywords to bid on is critical. It will ensure you maximize your ad spend. When set up correctly, Google Ads is a cost-effective way to get traffic to your website and an influx of legal leads.

Avvo lead generation for lawyers

Avvo is a platform that offers lead-generation services to lawyers in all practice areas.

With 5.3 million visitors per month, from people seeking legal help for personal injury to child custody, it should be a part of your lead marketing strategy.

It is easy to set up a profile and connect with prospective clients. They offer a free option for generating leads, or you can upgrade for better visibility, conversion rate tracking and a more enhanced profile.

Pricing varies and can be found on their website. lead generation for lawyers is another lead generation platform where lawyers can connect with prospective clients in real-time.

When visitors land on the site and post their legal questions, they can narrow their search by location. matches the search with a suitable candidate, which could be you.

When you pay for a premium plan on your profile is active on all four of their legal marketing sites —,, and — and you gain access to their 25 million monthly viewers.

The process to join their network begins with a form on their website.

Generate family law leads with help from Broadly

Partnering with a lead generation company like Broadly can make finding new clients for your family law practice easy.

Broadly has a range of marketing tools and services that can help you attract more qualified leads and automate much of the process.

From designing email campaigns to creating a modern website for your law firm, Broadly has the solutions your family law firm needs to grow.

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