Review and client management for solo law firms

Running a law firm as a solo attorney is no easy feat. It’s up to you to keep your law practice running, and that takes juggling a range of tasks—from client intake and case management to tracking billable hours, invoicing clients and keeping legal documents in order—all on your own.

Fortunately, modern legal practice management software offer features and functionality that make it easier for solo practitioners and independent legal professionals operating without the support of on-premise paralegals and other staff. Software can help you streamline workflows and cut back tedious tasks.

One of the best law practice management software platforms for solo practitioners, Broadly offers user-friendly apps for:

  • Mobile and online invoicing: Accept payments via credit card and other popular methods in a snap.
  • Enhancing client communications, contact management, client intake workflows and client messaging with powerful features packed and professional customizable marketing templates.
  • Modernizing client portals for small law firms with web chat functionality for instant client communications right on your small practice’s website.
  • Measuring small law firms’ performance with reports and dashboards.

Transform your local business with revolutionary AI-powered software


Read on to find out how the functionality of our law practice management software solutions will help you spend less time digging around client case files and leave you with more time to grow your law practice’s clientele and nurture client relationships.

Manage legal client reviews

From civil rights attorneys to personal injury attorneys, online reviews for lawyers posted on sites like Facebook, Yelp and Google can significantly impact on a solo law firm’s online reputation. In fact, researchers have found that customer reviews influence a whopping 93% of customers’ purchasing decisions.

Among our all-in-one software solutions for lawyers, Broadly’s Reviews helps solo practitioners:

  • Create and send online customer review requests via SMS messaging and email campaigns
  • Monitor and respond to online reviews faster, freeing up more time for billable hours
  • Secure the attention of potential new clients by generating positive buzz via reviews

Not only that, Broadly’s Dashboard provides further insights into customer feedback and reviews:

  • Monitor all of your customer engagement insights with user-friendly reports
  • See how your law firm’s performance compares to your competition
  • Discover what past and current clients are saying about your law firm across a range of review and social media messaging channels
  • Get real-time notifications about your law office’s reviews, client sentiment ratings and client engagement KPIs

Web chat makes answering questions easy

Don’t have a team of paralegals or big law office staff to field client inquiries? No problem. With Broadly’s Web Chat, a chat service software for small law firms’ client portals, you can get the client intake process started directly on your client portal or website.

Take advantage of our automation features to instantly engage visitors so you can have more time for billable activities.

Follow up with clients with email campaigns and SMS messaging

Ready to say goodbye to using messaging apps, Outlook and Dropbox for creating and storing client communications? With a reliable solution like Broadly’s Campaigns, contact management and client communications have never been easier.

  • Keep track of important client communications faster than before
  • Save time with customizable text and email campaign templates for law offices and solo attorneys
  • Send emails and SMS messages across a range of needs — client intake, follow-ups, and invoicing — to keep in touch with clients using Android, iOS, Mac or Microsoft devices
  • Understand how your client communications and messaging campaigns are performing with user-friendly dashboards

Manage payments and send mobile invoices

Our local business payment and invoicing solution, Payments helps small law firms create customizable mobile invoices within seconds. Send payment reminders via SMS messaging and email marketing campaigns. Accept mobile and online payments from customers — no mobile app required.

Our software also helps you receive payments for billable hours faster than before by providing clients with a range of payment options, including via credit card and debit card. Plus, you can integrate Payments with popular accounting software, such as Quickbooks Online.

Broadly helps solo law firms manage their online presence

We created our all-in-one legal practice management software to help all types of law firms succeed. With our case management software, you can streamline client intake and client communications workflows, take advantage of fast online invoicing and enhance your law firm’s visibility within your community.

Transform your local business with revolutionary AI-powered software