How to generate a steady flow of positive online reviews year-round

Positive reviews go a long way to assure that your business is consistent in meeting your customer needs. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that some businesses are more likely to be busy in certain months of the year. You may be well aware of the problem at hand: that there are fewer opportunities to generate positive feedback.
A steady flow of online reviews proves to patrons that your business is consistent in providing exceptional service. Google predicts this, and in turn rewards a consistent stream of online reviews with high rankings in online search.
With that in mind, here are some tips to keep your review pages fresh:


Reach out to past customers

Rather than fishing for a review try this: send a newsletter to past clients. Newsletters can provide past customers with practical advice and other useful information. At some point, you may add a brief excerpt about providing feedback about your business on Google or Yelp. If your past customers are happy with your service, this friendly reminder may be all that they need.

Relive an enjoyable experience or job well done

Even though the majority of your customers are happy with your business, most have yet to share any online reviews. For this reason, you might consider evoking an enjoyable experience or job well done. A postcard or simple email to check in with customers may be the inspiration they need.
Let’s say you operate a seasonal pool cleaning and repair service. A postcard reminding customers of warmer days ahead can serve as an opportunity to plan for the coming season.

Get creative and branch out

Some businesses shift gears with the seasons. They offer complimentary services to serve customers year-round. A great example of this is a landscape company in a four-season region. There’s generally no need for lawn mowing services in December and January. Instead, these businesses adapt by providing snow removal services in the winter. This way, they can maintain a space for consistent positive reviews and feedback from their customers year-round.
Think about ways that your business can serve the same set of customers during slow periods. Are there needs that aren’t met? By branching out, you’re in a position to not only generate more positive reviews, but also to grow your business.
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