The Benefits of Implementing a Web Chat Service for Local Businesses

With people glued to the internet for nearly 6 hours and 40 minutes a day, connecting with customers online is more important than ever (DataReportal). So, for local businesses, having a web chat service can be the edge they desperately need for sales and leads

That’s right, this nifty feature helps improve customer interaction with your business and carries the potential to boost satisfaction and loyalty because folks can trust you to be there when they need you. At the end of the day, people want quick answers, and a web chat service delivers just that. 

So, what is a web chat service and why do you need one? Let’s dive into why this cool tool is a must-have for your small business.

Automatically engage web visitors and capture contact information

What is a Web Chat Service?

A web chat service is like having a friendly and professional salesperson or receptionist available 24/7 on your website. It’s an online tool that lets you chat with visitors live, answering their questions and helping them make decisions without needing a human to help out. 

Popular examples include LiveChat,, and Broadly’s own web chat feature.

Here’s a quick peek:

Key Benefits of Web Chat Service for Local Businesses

Instant Customer Support

There is nothing more frustrating than being left hanging, except, perhaps, being left unread completely. 

Imagine, for a second, a potential customer browsing your website late at night, unsure about a product you offer. With web chat, they can ask questions and get real-time answers in seconds. This immediate support can make a really big difference between a sale and a missed opportunity. 

No more clogged inboxes or voicemails to sort through—just quick, helpful answers when they need them. It’s a good call to implement a web chat service so you can be there for your customers when they need you most.

Did you know? Broadly’s web chat can respond in multiple languages, schedule appointments, and even capture lead information. This can prove useful if you do business in a diverse local community (and may even make you the go-to over the competition).

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Enhanced Customer Engagement

Web chat service creates a direct line of communication between you and your website visitors. This personal touch helps build stronger relationships with your prospects, helping a cold lead warm up to doing business with you. 

For example, a small bookstore can use web chat to recommend books based on a customer’s visitor history. This kind of personalized touch makes your customers feel valued and more connected to your business and offerings because you are not pushing things at them that they are not interested in.

Increased Sales and Conversions

There is nothing more deflating than seeing a customer fall off before making a sale. Having real-time support during the purchase process can greatly reduce cart abandonment on your website. 

For instance, a local clothing store can use web chat to assist hesitant customers with sizing questions, discount incentives, or to provide more information about a product, helping to seal the deal right then and there. 

Web chat services are a great way to turn browsers into buyers, allowing you to sit back, relax, and watch your sales soar.

Pro Tip: You can also set up email and SMS campaign triggers to remind customers about an abandoned cart. And yup, we can help you with that, too!

Cost-Effective Communication

Web chat reduces the need for extensive phone support because it allows you to manage multiple customer conversations at once, saving your admin staff time, and your business money. 

In many ways, it’s like having an extra team member without the added payroll. If you’re strapped for cash and light on hands, web chat service is a great way to streamline your communication while reducing the hassle and costs of hiring.

24/7 Availability

With automated responses and website chatbots, your business can offer support even outside of regular business hours. How cool is that?

This ensures customers can reach you anytime they need you.

Picture you’re a vegan café that uses chatbots to answer common questions about opening hours or menu items. A person with food allergies visiting the area decides to scope your café website out to see if your GF brownies contain soy. The chatbot can scan your website menu and ingredient list to tell the visitor in confidence there is no soy products. Your customer gets the help they need, and the next day, drop in to satisfy their craving.

Features to Look for in a Web Chat Service

When choosing a web chat service, here are some things to look for:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Make sure the chat is easy to navigate for both customers and staff. No one wants to wrestle with clunky software.
  • Customizable Chat Widgets: It should be able to match the chat’s appearance with your brand’s look and feel. When it comes to branding, consistency is key!
  • Mobile Compatibility: Ensure the service works seamlessly on mobile devices. After all, everyone’s on their phones these days.
  • Automated Responses and Chatbots: You should not have the baby this thing. Your bot should be fully capable of handling common queries to free up your team’s time for more complex issues.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Your web chat should be able to track lead information and report performance insights to help you improve your customer service.

Speaking of tracking lead generation info… trying to keep up with communications in multiple places is tough. You don’t have time for all that nonsense. That’s why Broadly offers local businesses a centralized lead management and customer communication space located in one shared inbox

Now, you can respond to messages via text, email, your website, and even Facebook

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How to Implement a Web Chat Service

Believe it or not, setting up a web chat service is easier than you think. Each web chat software is a bit different, but these tips should help you get on the right track:

Choosing the Right Provider

Consider factors like features, pricing, and customer support when selecting a web chat service. We say this because it’s important to choose a provider that fits your specific business needs. 

Just don’t jump in and buy the first one you see. Do some research on your available options, and maybe even try out a few demos first before making this big decision.

The right provider will check all the right boxes and offer a seamless experience that aligns with your goals. This web chat service has a big job to fill, so take your time to evaluate options to pick the best one for your small business.

Pro Tip: If you’re having trouble deciding which web chat service provider to go with, start by listing out your needs and wants from most important to least important. The more high-priority items the provider checks off, the more aligned it is with your business needs and goals.

Setting Up the Service

Integrating a web chat service into your website is usually pretty straightforward. Most providers offer simple steps to get you up and running quickly. It’s often just a matter of going into your settings and adding a bit of code to your site. Follow the setup instructions provided to you and your web chat service will be live in no time.

Training Your Team

New things can feel scary to team members who are not the most tech-savvy. That’s why we recommend you equip your staff with the skills and resources to use web chat effectively. 

Training ensures that your team can provide the best possible customer service. Make it fun— role-playing common scenarios can be a great way to get everyone comfortable with the new tool. 

Need help? Unlike the big software names out there, the Broadly platform is specifically designed for the little guys, to us, you’re not a number, and we’re here for you every step of the way. We’ll give you the support you need to encourage your team to use web chat confidently. 

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Monitoring and Improving

It’s a smart move to regularly review chat performance and customer feedback. This helps you make the necessary adjustments to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Keep an eye on the data and tweak your approach as needed. We also recommend continuously monitoring and optimizing your web chat service to keep it running smoothly.

Did you know? Your web chat service can learn over time. You can train your AI model on frequently asked questions and feed it other helpful information like appointment booking links or sign-up prompts to improve its effectiveness when dealing with prospects.

Get more Sales with Broadly’s All-New AI Web Chat

Broadly’s new AI-Assisted Web Chat Lead Capture feature is designed to engage leads and capture important contact information while answering common questions about your business. This tool helps local businesses enhance their customer interactions, making communication no longer a big headache.

Implementing a web chat service can greatly impact the way your local business interacts with customers. From providing instant support to improving engagement and boosting sales, the benefits are there and ready for the taking—so don’t leave money on the table!

If you’re ready to enhance your customer interactions with a web chat service we’re here to help. Sign up for a free demo of Broadly’s web chat service today and see the difference it can make. Experience Broadly’s web chat service in action and start transforming your customer engagement right now!

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