How Long Does a Facebook Review Take To Show Up?

As a local business owner, we know you’ve got a lot on your plate. You’re working hard managing day-to-day operations, keeping customers happy, and, oh, the small matter of maintaining an impeccable online reputation. One way of doing so involves Facebook reviews. So I’m sure you’ve got that one burning question: how long does a Facebook review take to show up?

Your online reputation is like a virtual storefront, and Facebook reviews are the testimonials that potential customers browse before deciding whether to give your business a shot. Lots of customers nowadays look for reviews before even considering doing business with someone—95%, in fact—and Facebook reviews are easily accessible for that purpose. Because of this, positive reviews can be a goldmine.

Ready to learn more about Facebook reviews and how long they might take (and how to speed them up)? Then read on, dear business owners, as we’re going to get right into it!

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The Factors Influencing Facebook Review Approval Time

Facebook has its own unique review process, and understanding the steps involved can shed light on why it takes a bit of time. The social media giant has a thorough system in place to ensure that reviews meet community standards. This involves a mix of automated and manual processes to maintain quality and authenticity. 

One step involves content guidelines and moderation. Ever wondered why your reviews seem to disappear into the Facebook void? It’s likely due to the content guidelines. Like any media site, Facebook has content policies in place to make certain the information being shared on their site does not fall into regulated categories, such as bullying and harassment or content containing known hate terms or inappropriate language. 

While the review process is not something known to those outside of Facebook itself, content that gets flagged due to their content policies takes a little more time to get approved as it needs to be checked over first.

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Average Timeframes for Facebook Reviews

Another thing to take into account when asking how long a Facebook review takes to show up is what the review contains. The first thing to know is there’s no set timeframe and that what is put in the review will affect how long it takes to have it published. 

Let’s break it down by the most common types of reviews to understand the system a bit better:

Reviews with Positive Content

Ah yes, the golden ticket to a stellar online reputation—positive reviews! Fortunately, these gems often have a smoother journey through the approval pipeline. Facebook tends to prioritize good vibes, and as a result, positive reviews typically make their grand entrance within 1-3 days. After all, who wouldn’t want to showcase happy customer experiences promptly?

Reviews Containing Media (Photos or Videos):

Reviews adorned with photos or videos might take a tad longer to hit the review page, so around 3-5 days. This is because Facebook’s algorithms and manual reviewers may need a bit more time to ensure that the multimedia content aligns with community standards. So, if your customers are sharing snapshots of their delightful experiences, be prepared for a short but worthwhile wait. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Reviews with Potential Policy Violations

Here’s where things can get a bit tricky. If a review raises eyebrows by potentially violating Facebook’s content policies, you might be in for a more extended wait, such as 5-7 days. The content could be flagged for a thorough manual review, and the decision-making process may take a bit more time. It’s a delicate dance between maintaining a positive environment and adhering to community standards.

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Tips for Faster Review Approval

So, do you want to fast-track those Facebook reviews and bask in the glory of positive feedback? Here’s your cheat sheet for getting the green light in record time:

Make it Personal

Encourage your customers to share their specific experiences. A detailed review not only helps potential customers but also tends to pass through the approval process more swiftly.

Language Matters

Remind your customers to keep it friendly and avoid language that could be flagged by Facebook’s content filters. A sprinkle of positivity goes a long way!

Incentivize Positivity

Consider running promotions or giveaways for customers who leave positive reviews. A little incentive can boost positive engagement and prompt customers to share their experiences.

Provide Guidance

If you have particularly satisfied customers, guide them on how to express their joy in a review. Sometimes, a gentle nudge is all they might need to turn a happy experience into a glowing testimonial.

Preemptive Communication

When asking for reviews, give customers a heads up on the do’s and don’ts, including mentioning Facebook’s community standards. This way, they are more likely to craft a review that sails smoothly through the approval process.

Another great way to get faster review approval for your business is to utilize the settings of your Facebook Business page. Go to your settings and double-check that you’re open for business in the review department. 

Once you’ve done that, try the following:

Reviewing Section

Navigate to your Facebook Business page and explore the Reviewing section under Page and tagging. Here, you can view reviews before they go live on your page. This allows you to address any concerns or thank customers for positive feedback promptly.

how long does a Facebook review take to show up?

Respond Promptly

Engage with your customers by responding promptly to reviews. Positive or negative, your responsiveness can reflect positively on your business.

Here are two guides to help you respond to both types of reviews:

Flag Inappropriate Content

If you notice any inappropriate or misleading reviews, use the tools available to flag them for review by Facebook. This ensures that your review ecosystem remains fair and authentic.

The Broadly Difference: Elevating Your Review Management

In the grand scheme of things, managing Facebook reviews is an art form in and of itself. By encouraging positive feedback, guiding your customers, and utilizing the tools at your disposal, you’ll not only boost your online reputation but also expedite the approval process. After all, who doesn’t love a business that’s on top of its review game?

Before you start feeling overwhelmed though, we want to talk about something that can make your life—and running your business—a whole lot easier: Broadly’s review management software.

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