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Specialists at LAiMA OBGYN practice the highest level of prenatal care. The team integrates the best and safest medical practices so their patients feel safe through antepartum, intrapartum, and postpartum care.

  • Shape Monterey, CA
  • Joined in November, 2016

Favorite Feature


Dr. Vlad of LAiMA OBGYN finds that Broadly’s product is simple and effective. He values how the Broadly software is automated above all-else. His team simply inputs a new patient into their internal software as usual and Broadly sends out an email or text asking the patient to leave them a review. Patients get the immediate opportunity to leave a review rather than having to search for his Google page to do so. Dr. Vlad has really loved how effective the process has been for his business, and how many reviews and business has come as a result.


The Results

Patient & Staff Growth

LAiMA OBGYN signed up with Broadly when they were just 10 months old and had no reviews. LAiMA OBGYN was struggling to stand out in a competitive market, and found it difficult to get patients as a private practice. Now they have over 122 total reviews, which has contributed to both external and internal growth. Reviews have become the main driver of their new business traffic – half of their daily incoming patients are from Google or Yelp searches. They used to see 20-30 patients a week and are now averaging 90-100! As a result of their success, they’re actively seeking out new hires to keep up with their demand!


From The Owner

We just opened 10 months ago, so the reviews you see right now were acquired since last September. There’s no doubt that reviews are driving the traffic. We’ve seen tons of business growth.


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